I decided that I needed to write a post about pureeing since this is a large part of my Double Delicious Fridays!!

Honestly, this is one thing that has held me back from using the recipes in this book. I didn’t really know how to do the pureeing and I also didn’t need one extra step in the kitchen! However, now that I’ve done it, it’s not bad at all! I think it is worth taking the time to do it, especially if you enjoy the recipes!

(This is also a great reference for those of you interested in making your own baby food!)

I was able to do the pureeing while my daughter would nap and my 4 year old would help me cut and chop so we got a little one on one. Love being able to incorporate him into the daily activities of life!


Pick your vegetable!

(Click on veggie to show you how to puree or see here for a summary)


Butternut Squash




Sweet Potato