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Clare brings growth and holistic well-being to teams & individuals

As a dedicated coach and consultant trained by GiANT in leadership and executive coaching, Clare Smith is committed to empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential.


How we can work together

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Guiding individuals and teams towards unlocking their full leadership potential through personalized coaching sessions and workshops.


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Consulting for Organizational Growth

Partnering with businesses and organizations to optimize team dynamics, improve performance, and drive organizational excellence.


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Life Coaching for Women

Empowering women to realize their dreams, overcome obstacles, and live fulfilling lives.

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Hey there, I´m Clare

I am genuinely passionate about understanding and connecting with individuals from all walks of life. I have always possessed a profound curiosity about human nature and find great fulfillment in uncovering what drives people, what brings them joy, and what challenges they face.

Clients seek me out when they feel adrift, lacking motivation, or navigating life transitions. Through insightful questioning and empathetic listening, I help them gain clarity and perspective, empowering them to confidently chart their path forward.

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“Clare genuinely wants to see you succeed in every area of life."

Clare is the person I never knew I needed in my life.  Everything else I’ve ever tried seemed so vague or too complicated. Clare makes everything tailored to your specific brain wiring and personal experiences. She speaks with grace, clarity, truth and compassion.  Most of all, she genuinely wants to see you succeed in every area of life.


"Clare offers inspiration, hope and practical tips in every area of life"

Clare offers inspiration, hope and practical tips in every area of life – physical, emotional and spiritual!! And we had some laughs along the way. She related to women of all demographics during our events. And best of all, her insights led to lasting life change!! I couldn’t recommend her more highly!!!


"What I thought were weaknesses Clare has shown me are different qualities of leadership"

Clare has helped me to better understand myself and my personality type. What I thought were weaknesses she has shown me are different qualities of leadership.



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