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Clare helps women find the clarity and confidence in the front lines of their life

For the women who are tired. Worn down. There is more for you in life. Whether you are finding blocks in motherhood, work, relationships, or faith – you will find renewed clarity and confidence to move forward. Through speaking and coaching – Clare delivers transformation for anyone on the other side of her.


How we can work together


One-on-one coaching with Clare is the perfect opportunity to find the clarity you need in life and the confidence to step into whatever it is that is ahead of you.


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Clare can come to you to speak to your audience. Her energy and excitement light up the room.



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Leadership Training

Clare is a certified GiANT guide who uses the 5 Voices – a powerful personality and communication system – to help individuals and teams increase self-awareness, collaboration, and performance. 

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Hey there, I´m Clare

Can I just say, I would love to get to know you. I love all people and learning about them. I have as long as I can remember. I’ll sit and drill a million questions to you in a mere 5 minutes and chances are you’ll tell me everything I want to know. I’m fascinated as to what makes people tick. What makes them happy. What makes them sad. What keeps them moving and what stops them.

It’s why people come to me. They are lost or have lost their mojo or are just trying to figure out the next stage in life. And I am able to provide the clarity for them to take their next step.

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“Clare genuinely wants to see you succeed in every area of life."

Clare is the person I never knew I needed in my life.  Everything else I’ve ever tried seemed so vague or too complicated. Clare makes everything tailored to your specific brain wiring and personal experiences. She speaks with grace, clarity, truth and compassion.  Most of all, she genuinely wants to see you succeed in every area of life.


"Clare offers inspiration, hope and practical tips in every area of life"

Clare offers inspiration, hope and practical tips in every area of life – physical, emotional and spiritual!! And we had some laughs along the way. She related to women of all demographics during our events. And best of all, her insights led to lasting life change!! I couldn’t recommend her more highly!!!


"What I thought were weaknesses Clare has shown me are different qualities of leadership"

Clare has helped me to better understand myself and my personality type. What I thought were weaknesses she has shown me are different qualities of leadership.



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