Coaching with Clare

One-on-one coaching with Clare is the perfect opportunity to find the clarity you need in life and the confidence to step into whatever it is that is ahead of you.

Clare sitting at a table with a laptop - Clare Smith Coach and Speaker

Who is coaching for?

No matter your gender, age, stage of life, or faith preference, Clare will walk in the trenches with you and build a bridge to get you to the next step!


Ready to Move from Good to Great

You’re doing well in life but you are looking for increased focus and accountability.


Life is a Mess

If you are looking to untangle and get clarity to the messiness of life, Clare can bring you the clarity you need.


Feeling Stuck

If in life you are stuck, flat, or unmotivated – Clare will help you take the right next step.

Why choose to be coached by Clare?


Leave Feeling Better

People often tell me that they feel so much better after talking with me. Why? Not because I gave them any sort of plan or fixed their life, but because I was a sounding board. I am able to take the gray areas in life and add some clarity.


A Holistic Approach

My approach will always consider your spiritual wellness, your marriage, your family, your finances, & your friendships. I believe true health is when those areas are all balanced, so you can expect questions about those areas.


It's All About YOU

I am in it for your long-term success. I want YOU to become the detective to your life and I want to help you through that. No spoon-feeding here!


Here’s how the process works

Let me know you're interested!

Fill out the form below and I’ll send over pricing and next steps!

Meet Clare + Start Your Journey

I’m excited to meet you! On our first call we will identify the areas of your life to work on.

Find Your Clarity

After your coaching with me – you will have clarity and confidence in the area of your life that you need it!


Happy clients

"Clare has helped me to better understand myself"

Clare has helped me to better understand myself and my personality type. What I thought were weaknesses she has shown me are different qualities of leadership.


"Clare is the person I never knew I needed in my life."

Clare is the person I never knew I needed in my life.  Everything else I’ve ever tried seemed so vague or too complicated. Clare makes everything tailored to your specific brain wiring and personal experiences. She speaks with grace, clarity, truth and compassion.  Most of all, she genuinely wants to see you succeed in every area of life.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching exactly?

In simple terms, coaching is helping you get clear on your goals, the things blocking you and then creating a plan (and holding you to it!) to help you achieve them! Coaching is applicable in all areas of life.

How do we meet?

Most clients meet virtually but there is the option of in-person if you are local to Clare.

What results can I expect?

Clients walk away with progress towards the goals they want to achieve, clarity in their life, and a renewed energy to tackle the world in which they live!

Start Your Coaching Journey

Fill out the below form and we will be in touch to schedule your interest call!

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