Here we are rounding out the final week of the Take it Back challenge! I have appreciated each one of you who have reached out to me with how God has been working through you during these weeks. Our final week’s focus was on our purpose, mission and calling in life. I presented the case that if we feel “off” in our relationships and our physical, spiritual and emotional disciplines, that it’s often hard to be focused on our purpose in life and live with the energy and intentionality needed as we move forward in it. At the end of the day, what I want you to know is that God is always working in your life. He is always preparing you while simultaneously using you to accomplish the biggest purpose on earth—bringing the kingdom of heaven here on earth! We are the light of the world and we have the best mission ever! HOW He accomplishes that looks different person to person, season to season, but we are never “off duty”!

Here are some highlights of the video

  1. When we are distracted or otherwise focused or depleted in life, we will find it hard to be living our purpose out
  2. There are seasons in life for everything. Sometimes our “purpose” will feel that its not being accomplished because God is doing a deeper work inside. Sometimes it will be “seen” and manifested externally more. Either way, stay faithful to how God is using you in every season
  3. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” Ecc 3:1
  4. I share a little of my story on purpose and this past year
  5. Ask yourself, “Where is God working in my life and how can I join Him?” We often overlook thinking the purpose in our life is “bigger” when reality it is in the here and now and “what is”
  6. I talked to “ebbs and flows” in life which is similar the season conversation. Susie Larson’s book “Your Sacred Yes” is so good if you are needing a summer read! I did a book review of it here.
  7. I named this challenge the “Take it Back PLUS” and have not really had a good chance to talk to the “plus” piece. I explain that a little further but basically, its important for us to remember that we are not the same people that we were a year ago. Our lives have changed and a lot has happened to us and so how does that impact and inform us as we move forward with our purpose?
  8. Another great resource and book I recommend is Jennie Allen’s “Restless“. If you are looking for a summer book to read, try this one out!
  9. I quoted Jennie (below in image) and it went along with my big point of it’s time to get to it! If we have done the internal and external work to examine ourselves and see where we have been and where we want to go, then now its time to simply move.

Check out the video and if you can’t see it, click here!

Finally, I want to really help you with any challenges you may have in regards to accomplishing some of the things you have prayed over the past 21 days! This is why I am going to open up a summer coaching group (and some individual sessions) to help you get that done! If you are not familiar with a coaching group, we will “meet” virtually, and I will provide resources, coaching, encouragement and accountability for you. This group will primarily be focused on “taking it back” and “cleaning up” if you will, anything that you feel is sloppy in your life.

Next week I will get you all the details as far as dates, cost and sign-up but I just want to give you a heads up for those who may need to continue chewing over this! Blessings to all of you! Thank you for being here and allowing me to serve you with my heart!!