I don’t do a ton of book reviews on this site but every once in a while one comes along that slaps me in the face that I cannot help but tell you guys about! I heard Susie Larson on a podcast sometime this spring (can’t remember which one) and I loved her overall message and heart. As she was talking, she mentioned this particular book and the subject matter intrigued me, so off to Amazon Prime I went.

I started into the book but as do many, it got left to the wayside thanks to some other priorities I had, but I was excited to pick it back up this summer for vacation!

If there is one book you should read before you get back into the swing of the fall schedule (or at least start reading it once the kids go back to school), this is it*! The subtitle of the book is “Trading life-draining obligation for Freedom, Passion and Joy.” Um, yes please. I think I have some life-draining obligations that I need to get off my plate before this next school year starts! (And I apologize if some of you don’t have kids or are out of that season. My life seems to revolve around school semesters and summer/holiday breaks so you may not have the exact same season of life struggle that I do, but I am guessing you have some rhythm that you may need adjusted!)

If you’re wondering why a health blogger is concerned about her “sacred yes”, it’s because I believe that in order to steward your physical health well (with balanced amounts of exercise, rest, and nutritional foods), you must have TIME to do so. One of the biggest factors I see against people getting their health in check is that they are too busy! It isn’t always the physical time needed or taken away with activities, but also the emotional and financial part that come into play too. So yes, I have a vested interest in making sure the way your day is stewarded is done with purpose and intention!

I might also mention that I feel a bit of a kindred spirit with Susie. She has a love of being active and her message definitely includes this as she talks about stewarding your physical health often. A girl after my own heart.

The book is divided into 3 sections:

  • The Sloppy Yes
  • The Shackled Yes
  • The Sacred Yes

Book Review: Your Sacred Yes by Susie Larson | www.claresmith.me |

Sound like something you could benefit from? Here are some notable quotes:

  • “We commit ourselves to lots of things- many of them good things, but things God never asked us to commit to.” (page 15)
  • “When we run ourselves ragged doing too many things (most of which God never asked us to do), we leave unattended the sacred areas of our lives (e.g., intimacy with God, rich relationships with others, physical and spiritual health). What’s the result? We miss out on the best of what God has for us, and we leave these areas exposed and vulnerable to the enemy’s schemes.” (page 22)
  • “The beautiful thing about the ebb and flow of life with God is that we’ll have grace to do both as He assigns.” (page 37)
  • “Where you need work and where I need work are most likely worlds apart. And God, in His sovereign wisdom, masterfully considers our life season, our current obstacles, our hidden weaknesses and obvious strengths, and He leads us through an obstacle course that trains us for the course ahead of us. He teaches us how to triumph in site of the enemy’s efforts to trip us up.” (page 57)
  • “When we strive out of our insecurities, and when the current of crowd-approval carries us from one place to the next, we wear ourselves out, make ourselves vulnerable, and is the best of what God has for us.” (page 90)
  • “Our no matters because our yes matters more. And anytime we say yes, we say no.” (page 135)
  • “There’ll be certain days when your current circumstances stir up old hurts. Don’t overreact or even overstate how you’re feeling. Keep your eyes on Christ and your heart of faith engaged. Trust that when God allows old stuff to surface, it’s because He intends to set the plow a little deeper in your soul so He can heal you on a deeper level.” (page 188)

And this final quote below is something I’m going to keep in mind as my family decides what we do and don’t do this year. We, alone, answer to God! We don’t get to blame or bring others with on judgment day!

Your Sacred Yes (book review) : www.claresmith.me

There are personal reflection questions AND group discussion starters at the end of every chapter so if you are looking for a Bible or group study to do with some friends, I would highly recommend it! (There is a DVD you can also purchase!) She actually has a 6-week Faith & Fitness challenge included at the end of the book which would be of great encouragement for anyone at any level! (I told you she was a kindred spirit!) You really can’t go wrong with any of it so be sure to check it out!

Do you do a yearly check of what you are involved in? How do you make sure that you and your family are making your yeses count?


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