It’s a good question and one I’ve been asking myself for at least 2 years. Yes, that’s right. 2 years. I’ve been wanting to do a good overhaul for a while now but for various reasons have not.

The REBRAND: Why I switched from Peak313 to Clare Smith :

When I started Peak313 in January 2011, I had no idea what my future held. I didn’t even want to start the blog quite honestly. A lot of people start with a name or idea that God has placed in their hearts. They start because God gave them clear direction as to where they were going.

I did not.

I started because I was being obedient, and the future–well, it was fuzzy. As I prayed over the name and site and asked friends, Peak313 came to be. (“Peak” because of the style of working out I do/teach with intervals and “313” for the scripture reference in Philippians 3:13)  I never felt like it was my heart though, nor did I really feel confident in “branding” it, even though many at this point know me as such.

As God has been moving in my heart over the past couple years, I felt myself going away from a particular name of something and just to a very simple, self-explanatory name….Clare Smith. I struggled with this though because the LAST thing I want is my ministry to be about me and well, it’s hard to deny that when your website and materials all have your name on it. But on the other hand, it was the answer that was the best and clearest for what I see. It gives me a lot of flexibility for where God might move my heart (He’s already changed it quite a bit in the 4 years with Peak313!) and at the end of the day, do you know who I’ll always be? Clare Smith.

My tagline is this, “Training body and soul for the race of life”. Everything I do will come back to this and in a shorter, punchier way of putting it, “Train Hard. Eat Well. Live Free.” As I prayed through my rebrand, this is exactly where God kept taking me.

With the new site will come new things. You will still see me talk about health & fitness, nutritional eating, & everything that comes along with that, but you’ll also see me branch out to where my real heart is–bringing you into a deeper intimacy with Jesus. This takes off limits and guards that I’ve placed on myself to avoid certain subjects, or press hard on others. I want to be lead by the Spirit and what God would have me say to you. I want to lead online with authenticity and no ulterior motive.

You’ll also see some new adds to the site. Both of my kids are in school this year and instead of returning to a job outside of the home, God has graciously provided this platform for some ways to bring income into our house. I am not 100% sure how this will look, but I do know this—everything that has been free before will remain free. I am very stubborn about this! People have been trying to get me to monetize my blog in many ways over the past few years and I couldn’t find a way to do that, yet still serve those of you who could benefit from the free material.


For those of you who are ready for a different level, maybe some things to go a little deeper, I will be able to provide that for you. Again- not sure how all this will pan out but I want you to know that it hasn’t come about without much prayer and consideration.

BTW- it will take a while for everyone to transition, so Peak313 will forward over to the new site! There will probably be lots of glitches along the way so if you see anything, please let me know! So this is it–the continuation of a long journey for me. I am so glad you are along the way as we all train our bodies and souls for the race of life!

Train Hard. Eat Well. Live Free,