Here we are in the final week of the take it back challenge! (Catch up on all blog posts here!) I get my “real life” friends asking me often how the challenge is going (which is super sweet of them to take interest in my mission online!) and it’s always hard to gauge. I do not have a check-in (or sign-up) for this challenge, nor do I have a small facebook group to really touch base with those who are involved. The only way I know is if I hear back from you in the various ways you do that from comments, likes etc. However, the way I answer this question is fairly simple. “Have I been obedient to share, teach, encourage etc what God has asked me to do?” And if the answer is “yes”, then this challenge is going great! I realize that not everyone has the time or capacity to fulfill the challenge 100% as it is written but I also realize that we don’t need full compliance to a plan for the Spirit to do His work in our lives!

As we move into week 3, we are going to tie up the final large area that I want us to pray and vision out in “taking it back” which is in regards to our purpose, mission and calling. In true “Clare” form, let’s get to some short and sweet bullet points! 🙂

  • We are still walking 5 days a week!! Are you? How is that going for you? I love my time alone on walks. It is the perfect “reset” for me whether its the morning, noon or night. I am doing a lot of worshipping and praying at this time
  • Fasting. Are you fasting? Or at least trying? It’s a lost spiritual discipline art form, no doubt! That item can change week to week so I would simply ask you, what is something (someone) etc that is holding you back from your walk with God?
  • Taking it back! By now you should have some headway on a few areas of where you want to take back what you lost over the pandemic. Remember that much of this is about looking at the additional ways God may be growing you, and in fact not taking things back EXACTLY to where they were.
  • Is there anything from week 1 (relationships) or week 2 (stewardship of body, time & soul) that you want to bring into week 3?

For our final week, our focus will be on our purpose, mission and calling. Now as you know I’ve been creating this challenge off of your feedback from what I asked of you a couple months ago. I had a few responses that tied to this idea of vision and prepping for the future but not nearly the amount of feedback that I got in regards to the topics of the other two weeks. BUT….

Here is what I do know from being a health and leadership coach that if the areas of relationship and personal/spiritual disciplines are lacking, then many times so is your purpose in life. So is the ability for you to see clearly where God has gifted and placed you into the world. So is the energy, emotionally, physically and spiritually to accomplish what you want.

So it’s from this perspective that I want you to spend some time on this topic. I’ll talk more into it during our video Thursday! For now, download this week’s (our FINAL!) printable!

A small coaching group and 1 one 1 slots will be opening soon! Tying up details on all that and will let you know all about that Thursday! Finish strong friends…one more week ahead!