Hey! Just popping in really quick here to give you what I’ll be eating for this week for The “Spring Clean EATing” challenge! I shared this last year and I think it was helpful for some of you. I am a little leery about posting it just because I do not want you guys to do what I do! We each have our own goals for this challenge, so please hear me: DO NOT MIMIC MY MEAL PLAN–unless, of course, you really do think it will fare well for you.

2015 Spring Clean EATing My Meal Plan: www.claresmith.me


(Not sure what I’m talking about? More info about the challenge, here)

How you do these  7 days is totally up to you. I am going to kick it off with a little detox.  So Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday will look different than the rest of the week. The recipes for most of the meals this week are on my pinterest board so be sure to follow me there if you want to check them out.

Spring Clean Eating 2015: www.claresmith.me


I need to let you know this, I have a trip scheduled to Texas with Karen Ehman next week for a couple days which means this plan will not be followed 100%. (If you live near Odessa, TX come visit us!) But I still wanted to put it out there because I think it will help some of you organize your menu. I am going to try and do a VLOG with Karen next week as I talk about eating clean while traveling!

Ok, so remember: we do not live in a bubble! Life happens and I realize that even your most well thought out plans will not always happen. That’s ok! However, I’ve found that if I just start the week out HOPING to eat better with no prep, then guess what? I fail—and fail pretty quickly. So that’s why I’d like all of you to have some sort of menu/plan for the week. Doesn’t have to look like this exactly, but have an idea if you want to fare well by the end of the 7 days! Also, you will see little variation in the first 3 days–and that’s intentional! There is nothing wrong with keeping something the same–it will save on grocery costs, time spent preparing, and the mental energy of wondering what to eat! (You’ll note that it opens up a bit more towards the end of the week)

Note: I do not expect my family to detox with me, so you’ll see how their dinners are different during those days. It is pretty normal for us to “eat clean” so the kids are used to the dinners I have on the other nights. (Breakfast and lunch are all different in our family on normal days so that’s why I didn’t list them) Click on the image to see it!

"My" 2015 "Spring Clean EATing" Meal Plan : www.claresmith.me

One final note: If you are into hashtagging (because who isn’t? ha!) then be sure to use:


That will be an easy way for us to search for recipes and see how everyone is doing this week! (Use it on Facebook, twitter, and instagram!)


Come back (Sunday) as we kick off our challenge and I address a few more questions. Speaking of questions, do you have any? If you do, leave them in a comment below and I’ll address them!

Now–I’m off to the grocery store! Got some shopping and prepping to do! (Need some tips on making prep-time fun? Check out this post!)