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So I almost didn’t do this challenge even though we’ve done it the past 2 years. I’ve been so busy with the new website, speaking, and a whole host of other things that I honestly didn’t put much thought into it, but when I asked you all on Facebook if you had interest–well, that answered it for me! I had over 500 of you comment that you were interested and over 1000 of you “liked” it to let me know. OK, then–let’s do it!

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This challenge has gone GREAT both times we did it! Here are some comments that I got back from you after last year’s challenge.

“Thank you for your encouragement and especially for freeing me from following your “plan” so that I could consider how to clean up MY eating. It made a big difference in my approach and how I will continue over the next several weeks.”

“I enjoyed the challenge. I introduced some new foods to my husband and 5 kids, which they enjoyed. I’ll definitely keep eliminating processed foods from our daily diets. Fresh is best! Thanks! “

“I feel so much better. Lighter in a way. I felt a direct link between my body and my spirit when I was eating clean. It was easier to connect and quiet voices by being still vs shoving food down to quiet my soul. “

“I feel great, more empowered that I can eat healthier without feeling restricted by points or calories. I loved the verse! “

The Spring Clean EATing Challenge (2015) : www.claresmith.me

In the spirit of “spring cleaning” (because I know all of you are on top of that, right?!), we are going to be doing a little spring cleaning of our own in regards to our eating! I figure many of you who had a New Years Resolution have fallen off the bandwagon totally, or are hanging on by a thread. We are moving into warmer weather so it’s a perfect time to snap it up! (FYI–this challenge will not be focused on exercise so just keep doing what you are doing!)

I decided to do a quick video for you this afternoon addressing 2 main questions 1) Will I be providing a meal plan for you? and 2) What about supplements?

Check the video here, or if you are an RSS reader, click here!


So here we go on this “Spring…Clean EATing” challenge! When I think spring cleaning in my house, 3 things (at least!) come to mind. Purge, clean, and refresh so that’s the model we are going to follow for our challenge! This is only 7 days (at least the purging) so commit and get to it! There is a printable to help you out, below, so hang in here with me ’til the end!


Choose which of these 3 you are going to commit to. You may only want to purge this week, or maybe purge and add clean foods, or finally, purge, clean, and refresh! Each of us are at different levels in our journey and will be motivated by different things. One other note–some of you may want to detox completely–meaning of dairy, caffeine, and sugar. There are programs you can find out about online if you want to do that! (They are called an “elimination diet”, the most popular of which is Whole30, but you can find them on Dr. Hyman’s website and even at the end of the Daniel Plan (by Dr. Rick Warren) book. My hubby and I did a 10 day food elimination diet in January. Maybe I’ll blog about that!)


It’s time to get rid of all the junk in your kitchen. If you must keep stuff around because your family needs it, then have them hide their stuff, or purchase things you won’t be tempted by.


We are cleaning up our diet…meaning that we are going to eat foods that are not processed and in their most basic forms. So not only are we detoxing from the sugars, chips, and savory foods that we may have been eating over the past few months, but we are going to be adding healthy foods. Everyone’s definition of “clean eating” looks different and that’s ok. Do your best and if this is your first time at it, don’t get too overwhelmed!


Our homes always lighten and brighten as we switch out dark winter colors and move in fresh and new during the spring. We are going to do the same! It’s time to refresh some recipes…lighten things up, add some color, refresh some old snacks with newer, cleaner ones!

In general, I’d like you to follow these guidelines:

1.) Avoid any overly processed, sugary, “empty calorie” food.

Some ideas of these things? Cereal, granola bars, alcohol, sugar filled yogurts, pop, sugary coffee drinks…the list goes on and on. If you are questioning, “Should I eat this?” The answer is probably no! Ask yourself, will this get me closer to my goal, keep me neutral, or move me away? You want something that will move you forward.

2.) We are going to refresh with water!

The general rule of thumb is to drink half of your bodyweight (in ounces) in water, (this can include unsweetened herbal teas and even some fruits and veggies you have) and I know for some of you, that is asking enough! Just aim on increasing from what you normally do. Others of you do a great job, and this week, I am going to challenge myself to drink at least a gallon a day. I am going to mark a jug like I have pictured below to help me visualize. I’ll refill my cup from there! Keep lemon slices at the house or use some essential oils (my favorite is grapefruit and lemon!) and add it to every glass you drink.

waterjugtimes: claresmith.me

If you do this, it will be a work in progress! This is just an eyeball of times for my day. Will probably have to adjust as the week progresses!

3.) Check in with a partner (or two or three!) once a day.

It’s only 7 days. You can do it.

4.) Schedule a “congrats” treat at the end of the 7 days.

Here’s the thing though–it does’t have to be food! Can it be? Sure, but there are plenty of other things you can use to treat yourself to!

5.) Make your focus more veggies, lean protein, healthy fats, water, and fruit.

This will really help you snap back. If you can’t emphasize this now, that’s ok. Just go back to the basics of eating real, less processed foods!

6.) Stay strong because we will have a check in Sunday night/Monday morning!

There is no “prize” for you but I think it adds a little more accountability on your end if you know you are coming back to let me know!


You are going to need some inspiration in regards to “clean eating”. I realize that some of you are going to struggle here. That’s ok. Here are some sites that have great info and recipes:

The Gracious Pantry

The Eat-Clean Diet

100 Days of Real Food

My instagram account (ignore the pics of ice cream and pizza! lol!)

This post! 9 “30 minute or less” clean eating meals!

We don’t start for a few more days (well, you over-achievers can if you want!) so I want this rest of this week and weekend to be prep week!

So let’s get started!

1.) Print off this printable. This will help you as you figure out YOUR plan!

SpringCleanEating Plan2015: www.claresmith.me

2.) Get your partner! (WHY a partner?! Here is why I always have one!)

3.) PURGE!

Yes…get rid of it all! And no–this doesn’t mean to EAT it all! haha!

4.) CREATE a menu for the week.

You know what I always say–it’s hard to eat healthy foods when there aren’t any around!! Check out my PINTEREST Board for some meal (& challenge!) inspirations! I’ll share mine in a few days!

Spring Clean Eating 2015: www.claresmith.me

5.) Make a trip to the grocery!

This part is not necessary for everyone depending on your goals of this challenge. You may not get here for a few days into the challenge and that’s ok. Do your best! Here is an idea of the foods I get at the store!

Grocery List: Spring Clean Eating 2015: claresmith.me


6.) Sign up for my newsletter!

This will make sure you get all the blog posts through the challenge AND any extra emails I might send JUST for my newsletter subscribers! (P.S. You’ll get my FREE 5 “Balanced Living” printable! It will help you through this week!)

6.) Thank God that He is with You through this whole challenge.

If you think you can do this on your own strength, then you are sadly mistaken! Invite Him into your day and decisions as soon as those pretty little feet hit the ground in the morning! Commit the Bible verse that I have on the above printable to memory if you can! (1 Corinthians 10:31)


Next week we start (Monday, May 4th) so be sure to come back here where I’ll show you MY plan for the week and give you a few “rah rah’s” to get you going! So are you with me! If you are, please comment below and let me know what your main focus will be next week and of any “clean eating” resources that you use!! Share with you friends. Misery loves company! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

UPDATE: Link to my Meal Plan!