We just completed Week 3 and are moving on to the last week of the Planksgiving and Prayer Challenge!

Here are the 2 weeks prior if you want to catch up! Remember, there is additional insight on each of these posts on my instagram account! If you don’t have instagram, you can still access it here! www.instagram.com/clarepeak313

Week 1

Week 2

Now onto Week 3!

Day 15

Plank Jacks (This is taken from one of my youtube videos here!)

Colossians‬ ‭1‬:‭9-10 / Spiritual Wisdom

Day 16

Fingertip Plank

Romans 10:13-15 / Missionaries

fingertip plank

Day 17

Reverse plank with leg lift

Colossians 1:10b / Growing in the knowledge of God

reverse plank with leg lift

Day 18

Chaturanga Plank with leg lift

Mark 9:24 / Overcoming unbelief

chaturanga plank with leg lift

Day 19

Rowing Planks (Renegade Rows)

Ephesians 1:19-20 / Christ’s Power

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Day 20

Side Plank Thread Thru

Luke 22:31-32 / Shaken Faith

  A video posted by Clare Smith (@clarepeak313) on

Day 21

Crouching Hover Plank

Matthew 26:41 / Temptation

crouching hover plank