Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I wish I could sit across the table from each one of you and enjoy food and fellowship but until we meet in heaven, this will have to do! I want to leave you with a few Thanksgiving thoughts I had today (and I shared on Facebook).


I mentioned in a Facebook post earlier this week about a lot of “noise” going on right now online—and oh the irony that it’s before Thanksgiving?! I read in my quiet times this morning about this same thing. The author of the devo added her name to this passage and I did the same, “But the Lord answered her, “Clare, Clare, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary..” Luke 10:41-42

I watch this “Thanksgiving Chair” video the day before Thanksgiving every year–and every year, I cry. If you feel like your priorities are out of whack, your mind is noisy, and you have a list of to-do’s out the window, slow down. Have you spent time with the “one thing necessary” for today, and have you sat in the “Thanksgiving Chair”? Wherever you are today, you can do both those things RIGHT NOW.


Link to the devotional

Link to the “Thanksgiving Chair” video.

And finally, here’s an image I created from a Facebook status that I wrote LAST year. I posted it up again tonight because it’s oh, so relevant!


The turkey and mashed potatoes shouldn’t be the only thing seasoned with salt tomorrow!

Our words can fly as we sit around the table in conversation with our loved ones, be it about politics, religion, high school friends, or the scorned family member. May we use our time to encourage, build up, and speak truth, love, & grace with those who God has graciously placed in our lives. (Eph 4:29, Col 4:6) Oh that our presence would be a BLESSING to those we encounter!

Enjoy the fun, fellowship, and yes—FOOD tomorrow. God is so good to give us all these things! Happy Thanksgiving!

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