I’m a little late getting this final week of Planksgiving and Prayer pictures to you but Thanksgiving and my Hunger-Free Challenge download kind of put me behind! Before I get into the pictures, verses, and prayers, I want to share with you a really fun giveaway giveaway!

I’m being featured in Karen Ehman’s “12 Days of Christmas” Giveaways and today is Day 5! Hop over to her site to see what Christmas fun I have for you, and then what you could win!!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway with Karen Ehman (Peak313 Fitness)

Now onto the planks!

Here are the 3 weeks prior if you want to catch up! Remember, there is additional insight on each of these posts on my instagram account! If you don’t have instagram, you can still access it here! www.instagram.com/clarepeak313

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


(The videos are embedded from instagram, so if you can’t see them, that’s why!)

Day 22

Mountain Climbers

2 Thessalonians 1:11 / Worthy of the Calling

A video posted by Clare Smith (@clarepeak313) on

Day 23 Wall Planks Galatians 6:9-10 / Endurance Wall planks :peak313.com   Day 24 Plank Pike Ups Hebrews 10:24/ Spur one another on

A video posted by Clare Smith (@clarepeak313) on

Day 25

Extended Plank

Matthew 6:12 / Forgiveness

extended plank : peak313.com


Day 26

Walking Plank

Matthew 6:13/ Yield Temptation

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Day 27 Side Plank with Bottom Leg Lifted Eph 3:18/ The depth of love of God   side plank with lower leg lifted : peak313.com   Day 28 Extended Bird Dog Plank 2 Corin 5:10-11/ Focus on eternity     extended bird dog plank : peak313.com       Day 29 Plank Drags Phil 4:11-13 / Contentment

A video posted by Clare Smith (@clarepeak313) on

Day 30

90 Degree Bird Dog Plank

Psalm 84:11 / See the needs of others

90 degree bird dog plank : peak313.com

Thank you so much for joining us in November! Bookmark these posts so that you can return to them and do your own “planks giving” at any time in the year!