Welcome to the info for “Your Second New Year!”

  • Do you feel that you’ve lost traction with what you were focused on in January?
  • Have you found your interests changing?
  • Are you an empty nester, or did your house which was filled with littles all of a sudden empty as they all entered school?
  • Did a relationship in your life take a sudden twist to where you need to put some extra energy in it? (or perhaps are adjusting to them not being there anymore)
  • Have your health goals changed either because of something new you found out about your body, or time restraints?
  • Did you have a desire to grow a business or dream, but you’ve come up against resistance?

First off, download this guide. Then check out each of these posts to walk you through each step of the process.

Post 1: Introduction: What exactly is “Your Second New Year”?

Post 2: First Things First!

Post 3: Prayer, journaling and fasting

Post 4: How to create your vision board

Post 5: Eliminate in order to motivate

Post 6: Make your space work for your chase

Post 7: Now what?