I am a workout snob. Maybe it’s because I’m a fitness instructor, or just prefer my own workouts I create, but it takes a lot for me to really get behind a fitness program. HOWEVER—there is *one program and instructor who changed my mind. I wrote about my fav fitness instructor, Michelle Dozois, years ago and little did I know that after I wrote that post, that we would become friends! In fact, when I went to visit my friend Candace Cameron Bure in LA years ago, we had a chance to have lunch and meet with Michelle. We share a similar view on HOW to exercise and also how to keep it in proper perspective as a wife, mama, friend and more.


Her DVDs not only got me back on track after I had my kids, but also charged me up as a fitness instructor. Her style is how I teach my group fitness classes and my students loved them! She gets results while getting functionally stronger, more balanced, and fit.

Michelle and her husband run a fitness club in California and runs her Peak10 program there, but she has recently taken this program online so now we have the ability to workout with her! Starting Monday, September 26th, you can join Michelle and the others who have decided to take part in this 8-week program!

Peak10 program

You can find more specifics on the program at her website, but she has so many different types of streaming workouts, multiple meal plans, a goal setting guide, recipes, tips and so much more! Plus if you are on Facebook, she will have 3 live “meet-ups” which will help you get any and all questions answered!

The price is for ALL this is only $147. That’s about $18 weekly and about $2.60 a day. I think that is a worthy investment to your health!



And maybe this is JUST the thing that will help you with the next item I want to talk about…our 5th annual “Living and Active” challenge! Yes–we are going to start that on Monday, October 3rd! I’ll have more info on it this coming Monday, but just know that it’s coming and one of the requirements is 4 days a week of exercise (of your choice). This is a PERFECT complement to my challenge and hey, you get a jump start!

I have some NEW adds to the challenge which I’m really excited about! (And because it’s been asked already, the training guide will be absolutely fine to use! If you purchased it last year and didn’t use it, or half-used it, you can use it again or purchase a new one! There will be some more material but nothing that you would need to purchase.)

I forgot to mention that I did Michelle’s exact program 2 winters ago when I was needing a new change in routine (and the weather made it hard to get out to my gym) and I loved it! If you have any questions, leave them below and I’ll see all back here on Monday for more info about the “Living and Active” challenge! So excited!

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