I get asked ALL the time who I recommend for exercise DVD’s. There are SOOO many out there. Really. You can run into any store nowadays and find a turn style rack filled to the brim of every type of workout. (This is my #1 reason that I won’t put one out there! LOL)

But I have to tell you something. I’m an exercise DVD snob.

You see. I’m very particular. I have found that it’s very difficult to get a great workout with about 80% of the DVD’s that are out there. It’s either the instructor isn’t very motivating, the music is blah, or the actual workout is well, everything BUT a workout.

One day I hit the jackpot. It was about 4 years ago that someone had recommended a DVD from SHAPE magazine called Shape: Bikini Body Camp Transforming Workout. I had just had my son so I needed something quick, intense and effective so I bought it.

Oh. My. Word. The DVD rocked my world and in particular, one of the instructors did the same. Are you dying to know who it is? You probably won’t recognize her name. It’s not Denise Austin. Not Jillian Michaels. Not Jane Fonda. (haha)

Michelle Dozois.


Let me first say, I am NOT getting paid to endorse her. I am not getting anything in return. I want to do this because I truly believe her workouts will change your life. Let me give you a run-down on why I love Michelle Dozois.

She’s a wife and mom. She has 2 young children (one has autism and it’s a cause she speaks strongly about) She’s one of US!!

She kicks her tail as much as she kicks yours. There’s nothing more I dislike than an instructor on tv who doesn’t look like they are working out as hard as you. If I’m sweating, I want her sweating too!

She is a great teacher. She does a great job of actually telling you what you are doing and giving you great visuals so you know what to focus on during the exercise. This can only MAXIMIZE your workout.

She is a great motivator. She always uses encouraging phrases that are NOT CHEESY! It can be done people!

The music she chooses rocks. It’s typically lyric-less so its great if you have kids around or if you want to be able to leave your workout without humming a Britney Spears tune all day (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

She doesn’t use foul language (at least on the DVD’s I’ve done) Again, I have kids around when I’m exercising with a DVD. Plus, I don’t need someone to cuss at me to get me to work harder

Her workouts are a great variety. A mix of a little dance, kickbox, athletic skill and plyometric—all areas that I think are essential in zapping that body into shape.

She isn’t a spring chicken. (Sorry Michelle!) She’s over 30 (wink, wink) so it is SO encouraging that she is in there and working hard!! Do NOT use age as an excuse!

She practices what she preaches. Look at her. You’ll see what I mean

♦ Finally–her workouts WORK! I’m serious. They are the bomb. She is so creative. So passionate. So excellent.

She has changed my life as a Fitness Instructor. I take SO much from her workouts and I honestly believe that it’s HER influence that’s made me the instructor that I am today. If someone would say that I’m a Michelle Dozois mini-me, I’d probably die…in a good way, of course.

So now you probably want to know where you can buy her stuff, right?

You can follow her on Facebook

You can visit her Website

Browse her shop. Take a chance to view the little video previews. I recommend the “Your Body Breakthru” series for beginners thru advanced. Her newest system, Peakfit Challenge is definitely geared for the more moderate to advanced exerciser. (And no. I didn’t get the name of my blog from her system! LOL)


So there you go. If you have tried or plan on trying any of her DVD’s, please let me know how you like them! I know Michelle would love to hear too–she is EXCELLENT at feedback with her customer!!

Happy exercising!!!