I attended my first Crossfit class on Saturday. My friend Beth has been going and I have been dying to try it out! They have a free Saturday class, so I laced up my shoes, grabbed the advil and walked into “the box” with excitement!

If you aren’t sure what Crossfit is, here’s a commercial that ran on a football game a few weeks ago!

Needless to say, I got a workout. We did a warm-up which involved some jumping rope, burpees, sits-ups and stretches. Then we got into teams and worked out way through a circuit. Each circuit was 2 minutes with a 1 minute rest in between. We did the circuit twice.

(Crossfits calls the workout a “WOD” which means “workout of the day”.)

Here were our circuits for Saturday:

– Push-Ups (their push-up is a tricep push-up)

– Pull-ups (Yes—I did these assisted with a large exercise band!)

– Box Jumps (I think I almost puked no less than 4 times)

– Squats with a 25 pound weight

You do as many as you can, then tag your partner and they continue while you take a breather. You count how many reps you do as a team. At the end of the 2 circuits, your whole team gives their number and you can see which team did the best.

The verdict is still out with me and Crossfit. There are a few areas that fly in the face of everything I’ve learned about fitness thus far. I’m hoping to learn some more about it before I make any final conclusions!

I will DEFINITELY try it out again. I know people who love it and really love the comradarie that comes with it. These people are TOUGH and have my respect, no doubt!!


Here are some pictures afterwards. Wish I would have gotten more during the workout but honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to hold the camera since I was gasping for air! LOL!

This is me doing my first wall climb. (Start in a plank position on the floor.Lift one foot to the wall, then the other and then walk the hands back to the wall until you are parallel with it) I think all that corework I do in Pilates helped a TON with this!

Do you remember my friends Jinka and Beth from the Warrior Dash? (Jinka was also one of my Shed & Share stories!) Here we are back at it again. We can’t help ourselves. We are gluttons for punishment!

This is “DMac”. He’s the owner of the gym and the crazy guy who put us through this workout. He looks too nice for this, doesn’t he? I told him he had to attend one of my pilates classes since I was at one of his classes. I’ll show him a real workout!

So I want to know. Do I have any Crossfitters out there?! Please share your experience with it!