I am so excited that many of you are joining me for the new series, “Your Second New Year!” I was telling some of my close friends who’ve been walking with me through the brainstorming and creation of this process that hearing your excitement has really spurred me onto making this series everything you need.I planned on giving you some specific details about fasting and journaling in the next blog post but I feel like I need to share this post with you before that!

Some of you may be really eager to get started and jump in. The speed and time in which you walk through this will vary from person to person because we all don’t have the same open times in our schedule, so I know that some of you may need to wait 3 weeks before starting, while others may have much of it finished this weekend! 🙂 There are some resources I want you to gather, timing to consider, and other things I want to mention before we dive head-first into all this.


1.) Choose whether you will go through this individually, as a couple, or with your family. You could even do some combo of those!

2.) Plan a day (or some space of time) where you can spend quietly before the Lord to pray and reflect. (More on this later) You may be able to grab 1 hour, a morning, or perhaps a time span of 3 days during lunch. This will be individual to you. This upcoming weekend would be perfect but again, make this work for your schedule.

3.) Start gathering materials for your vision board or binder. This isn’t the actual vision and dreaming part, but the basic things such as posterboard, binder, markers, pretty borders, dividers etc. This will be an “in-process” thing so don’t feel like you have to accomplish this all at once on a trip to Michael’s!

4) Keep a notes app open on your phone, or a piece of paper dedicated to random thoughts that will come through your mind during the day about this. It will be important to note these thoughts and not forget about them. I wish we only got inspiration when we sat down at an allocated time to get the inspiration, but in my experience, it happens all.day.long!

5.) Print off this guide to help you through the process!

6.) Consider buying or checking out some of these resources to help you through the process.

Your Sacred Yes by Susie Larson (Check my book review here)

The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life by Donald Whitney

A Woman of Strength and Purpose by Cynthia Tobias

Discipline: The Glad Surrender  by Elisabeth Elliot

Dream it. Do it. Challenge Series

And now for a timeline! (*Note: this is not a current challenge and dates are not applicable!)

I’ll post about fasting/journaling/praying by Friday, September 13th, so by this weekend, you will have enough info to get you started with that.

You are more than welcome to start creating your vision board this weekend if it fits your timeline! I’ll be writing and sharing some samples of them next week so don’t feel like you need to rush getting that completed this weekend.

We will spend next week, September 17-21, working on the vision boards.

Then I’ll take you through the process of elimination and creating and environment conducive to your goals during the final week of September 24-28.

Again, this is all very FLEXIBLE and PERSONAL to you! You don’t have to follow along with me or do it in this exact order. The only thing I would suggest and would stay firm on is to pray about all this and allow yourself to be still before God before you get to work. I posted this quote last week on instagram and I didn’t mean it to necessarily correlate with this series, but it totally does!

I hope this provides some more clarity. If you have any questions, please leave them below or visit me on instagram or Facebook! I’ll be sure to get a video up to share with you my heart, personal story, and challenges I’ve had to overcome during this process! (Don’t forget to download this helpful guide!) It’s not too late to invite a friend either. 🙂