Are you wondering why you are feeling guilt ridden? Wondering why you aren’t getting the answers you need? Feeling trapped by some decisions in  your life? Having problems losing weight?

Have you considered that you have been asking the wrong question?

There are some instances where the question is very direct and clear. There are some things that are wrong biblically or legally, but I find that it’s the gray areas of life that get us down.

I think there are certain areas in life that we are boxing ourselves into with answers. I feel that we are focusing on the wrong question instead of the right one.

In weight loss, “How much __ can I eat before feeling like junk?” instead of:

How can I eat FOR my body, for fuel and function?

1 Corinthians 3:16-17

In a dating relationship, “How far is too far to go physically?” instead of:

How can we honor God in the physical choices of our relationship?

Ephesians 5:3

In what we wear, “How risque of an outfit can I wear without going too far?” instead of:

Am I dressing in a way to allow others to see Christ in me?

1 Peter 3:3-4

In the dating world, “How much can I flirt without looking too trampy?” instead of:

Are my actions and purity towards the opposite sex uplifting them?

Romans 12:13

As a Christian, “What words (vulgar/cuss) can I say without crossing the line?” instead of:

How can the words I use uplift, encourage and spur others onto great deeds?

Ephesians 4:29

When we change HOW we do something, we will change the RESULT we get. Instead of feeling trapped by rules, legalism and stuffiness, we now experience joy, freedom and Christ’s compelling love!

Changing your focus will also give you success in overcoming your hangups. Allow the positive to guide you in your life instead of wondering how you can live your life “to the line”, pushing boundaries every chance you get. Live on the other side of the line. Let love, grace and freedom flow openly and find the answers to the RIGHT question!

Have you been asking the wrong question?