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It’s my birthday and I want to celebrate with you! You can win 1 of 2 prize packages!

Package 1:

– “Reshaping It All” by Candace Cameron Bure

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– A pair of fabulous jeans from “Vault Denim

Package 2:

– “Every Body Matters” by Gary Thomas

– Jillian Michaels’s “30 Day Shred” DVD

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– A sample pack of all 3 flavors of Shakeology from Michelle Myers!!

To Enter:

– Leave a comment below letting me know which body part you want to shape up for the summer!

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Clare’s Fave Full Body Workout #1 (Video at bottom!)

Here is the first video I’ve created that you can do with me! These are some of my favorite exercises and I do a workout like this multiple times in the week! You can loop this video once, twice or even three times through depending on how much time you have to exercise! (For each additional loop you do, increase the amount of weights you lose to really blast the fat!)

I didn’t explain the exercises in detail during the video to spare time, but I want to do that. So here is an outline of the exercise and some key points. (I recommend you watch the video first before doing it!)

♦ Curtsy Lunge with Shoulder Raise

Lunge back as if you were curtsying. Lift the arms into a shoulder raise. To modify, lift one arm then the other. Keep the chest lifted and core tight!

♦ 4 corner hops

Imagine a square on the ground. Jump with both feed to each corner. Land gently and use your arms to propel you up. To modify, make the square smaller.

♦ One leg lat rows/lat flyes

Stand with one leg planted firmly to the ground. Bring both arms up beside you into a row. Squeeze as you lift the arms up. Switch legs and do a lat fly. Take both arms out to the side. Gaze stays to the ground the entire time and sink into the standing leg.

♦ Skater Taps (or ski hops)

Tap side to side landing gently. Make the taps bigger to make it harder. ADVANCED: Tap and then touch the ground.

♦ Bicep Curl with Leg Extension

Do a basic bicep curl. Keep the elbows close to the body as you curl. Lift one leg and extend it as you curl. Keep the leg nice and high. Switch sides and do a hammer curl (thumbs are towards to the ceiling). Lift one leg and extend as you curl!

♦ 4 corner hops

♦Tricep Pushup with hover

Go to your knees on the ground. Place your arms in and back for a push-up. Drop down as your elbows shoot straight back. Keep the chest lifted as you move from your hips. Move directly into a hover as you straighten the arms and bend the knees. Hover them over the ground.

♦ Skater Taps

Work it sisters!!! 🙂

(Click here if you can’t view video!)

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