I’ve got a little housekeeping to do before we get onto another installment of Rock it. Work it. Love it. Fridays!

I will be taking a week off of blogging next week. My husband is on spring break and we have quite a few things to get caught up on around the house plus we just want to spend some time having fun! I’ll be in and out on twitter and facebook but very casually!

Also, don’t forget that you have until Friday, March 23rd at 9pm EST to enter to win 1 of 2 prize packages! Enter here!


Rock it: Things you can wear, stuff with hair, fashion etc

Work it: Things you can cook, create, make or do!!

Love it: Articles, blogs, music etc that I love!

Rock it.

I love The Vintage Pearl. I got a necklace from them while at Relevant this year and wear it ALL THE TIME! They have some great things for Mother’s Day or any loved one in your life!!

I love the look and message of this beautiful necklace.

(Order this necklace here)

A little arm candy…

(Order here)

And how cute are these?! Ahh! I could order everything from this site!

(Order these here)

Work it.

Apple Nachos. Never heard of them? Neither had I! What is there to not love about them though!? I made these for my husband as a NCAA Basketball snack and he (ahem, we) LOVED them! Next time I want to play around with nutella and almond butter!

Hint: Warm up your peanut butter, then scoop it into a small baggie, then snip the tip and drizzle! Worked GREAT for me! I used a mandolin to get my apple slices thin!

(Recipe here)

I pinned it here!

Love it.

I can’t wait to see this! It’s about a young lady who found out that she was adopted after a failed abortion attempt. I love supporting movies that are family friendly, especially those who honor life and God! Find out where you can find this when it releases today!

(Click here if you can’t see the video.)

What have you seen around the internet this week that’s sparked an interest? Do you plan on seeing October Baby? Let me know if you try the apple nachos!!