Today is my 1 year blogging anniversary!  The blog has taken up so much of my time but it has turned into a great passion of mine. There are days that I am itching to get to the computer to get my thoughts down or to share an experience that I’ve had.

I could not have done this blog without you! I am so thankful for those of you who have been with me from day one. A Christian fitblogger is not a common thing so it’s taken some time to build up an audience who has interest in mixing these 2 areas of life together!

Much like anything in life, this experience has sent me on a roller coaster. I’ve had many ups and many downs.  4 months ago I considered shutting it down. 1 month ago nothing was going to stop me from blogging. Such is life.

Never would I have put blogging on my list of things I wanted to accomplish. Working with Candace Cameron Bure on her ezine, interacting with Gary Thomas with his new book and reaching women all over the world are also things that are part of that list. When you are willing, God is able!


My family has been wonderful through this year too. My parents, in-laws and grandparents have watched my children on days when my brain was about to explode for things to do.  My husband has given me many words of wisdom, edited many blogposts and dealt with a tired wife too many times to count. My children are also a huge part of this venture. As a matter of fact, my 5 year old tells me often, “Mommy, you should put this on your blog.”

I don’t have any big giveaways since the 31.3 Jump has taken up January for me! However, in February or March, I plan on unveiling a little more to my blog and maybe then I’ll have the goods. 🙂

(Not sure why I started the blog? Find out here!)

Thank you for letting me serve you by encouraging you from the inside out. I look forward to many more years with you!!