♦ I’m going to run a 5K!

♦ No more sweets for me!

♦ Our new budget is going to give us financial freedom!

♦ I’ve got a new attitude on our failing marriage!

We all get inspired. Sometimes we do something to prove something to ourselves. Other times it’s to prove something to others. Maybe our inspiration comes from a need yet other times it comes from a want.

But part of inspiration comes realization.

♦ It’s the moment when the training for your 5K is harder than your desire to do it.

♦ It’s the moment when the cookies are screaming your name and your new diet plan seems audacious.

♦ It’s the moment when the snazzy new purse calls to you causing you to forsake any budget plan you have in place.

♦ It’s the moment when you have to forsake an inappropriate relationship in order to save your marriage.

So what happens when you hit that crossroad? When the rubber meets the road? What should you do?

1.) Remember why you were inspired in the first place.

Go back to the initial point of motivation and take in the emotions that filled you at that time. If it was someone who motivated you, have a conversation with them and be re-energized!

2.) Think through what will happen if you don’t do this.

Will you gain more weight? Will your marriage be moving towards divorce? Will you have enough money to pay for your bills? Let reality set in.

3.) Envision yourself completing your inspiration!

Yes. Let yourself go there. What will be your perfect finish? Think about your accomplishment and what you will feel at that time!


I want to encourage you to keep going! Dig down deep and push yourself to something beyond what your flesh is screaming out.

There’s no doubt that you will encounter this crossroads in your life. The big question is, what are you going to do at this crossroads? Are you going to push onto your goal or are you going to allow the roadblocks of life to stop you.

Have you had a moment where realization met inspiration? I’d love to hear what you did at your crossroads?!