We’ve made it to the end of this series that has hopefully gotten you refocused for “Your Second New Year!” I hope that you feel challenged, focused, clear, and motivated to move forward in the areas the Lord is working on in your life!

The final step is for us to create an environment conducive to meeting our goals! So paint the picture with me: you’ve spent some time hearing from God, wrote, glued down, or pictured what that actually looks like in your life with some specific goals or measurements. You’ve eliminated the things that will distract you to achieving that vision, and then……you go back to the same old environment you were in right before you started this. The same cabinets filled with trigger foods. The same run down, unorganized office. The same old workout clothes. The same calendar system (or lack thereof) and keeping your same schedule. The. Same.

Now, there are some things that have been the same that may work for you, but chances are, you may need a little revitalizing in order to keep that momentum going! It’s not by accident that these TV shows with the word “makeover” are so popular! There is something about transforming a house, space, or body that is motivating and appealing. Many times transformations take months or years to see the fruit of labor, but you can get a pretty quick result in some of the areas we are talking about today. This will then propel you forward, get you excited, and help you really set the stage for hitting your goals.

I want to share with you 2 areas in my life that has helped me keep to the vision of what is important for my family. One I worked on last year and the other I just started last month.

My office is a very important space for me. It’s where I answer emails, study the Word of God, write, journal, take my coaching phone calls and all the personal/family stuff too such as schedules, bills, and paperwork. I had been working with an old desk in a room that was partially used as storage, partially used as a toy room, and partially used as my office. It was dark, cluttered, and had no general decor! Now, admittedly, I am no Joanna Gaines. I have a good eye for things but am terrible at implementing or taking the time to do them, however I knew that a refresh of my work and creative space was going to be crucial for me to continue running the race God has called me too. I called one of my closest friends to help me get this ball rolling and went to work on redecorating my office!

Yes- it was a small financial and time investment but one that I knew was worth it because I knew that the place where I spent most of my time was crucial to the quality of my work, and there is a way you carry yourself when you are in a place that is more “put-together” than not. Recently, my son’s baseball team got the chance to play at a new baseball field “under the lights” (which is a big deal to 11 and 12 year old boys!) and you should have seen how they carried themselves before and during the game. There was a shift in focus and the energy they brought that was different than when we played at our usual, older fields. The nice environment automatically shifted their thinking and behaviors which then made it that much easier to meet their goal of winning. (Which they totally did!) The same is true for our homes, office space, cars, and even our bodies!

I also have an adorable little sitting area with chair and side table but I am working on the wall decor behind it to prepare for my vision board, so no pic for now!

The other thing I implemented just a month ago was a dry erase white board. There are many ways for families to organize their schedules and we always had a calendar but it was hidden behind a cabinet and not being used as best as it could. So not only was I wanting a little more clarity with our family schedule, I also wanted to let the family know the dinner plan. (This mainly for my husband, however the kids have surprisingly taken interest in it!) So I found this dry erase board at HomeGoods and it has worked wonders for us! I try and keep it pretty simple. It is short-term–just the week ahead but that is perfect for us as it keeps us focused in the here and now. I’ll be honest- there have been many nights when that meal has swapped or not happened due to crazy circumstances (hello, life) but it at least gives our family some structure. This helps in my overall vision of feeding my family meals most nights and keeping our schedule on everyone’s minds so no one is taken by surprise. We are a very involved family and we found that we were missing things here and there!

(Find something similar here!)

So pick a couple areas where you may need to revitalize and work on creating that new environment. It could be your bedroom, your kitchen, your workspace, your car, your music, your closet—the list goes on and on. See what a little sprucing will do for you! Will it cost a little money? Perhaps, but know that it is an INVESTMENT into what you are doing for the long term!

As always, I would love to see any examples of what you guys have worked through in this challenge! Vision boards, renovated offices and more! Please tag me and use the #yoursecondnewyear

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