Hey!! I am thrilled with the response I got last week from you guys! So glad you are on this journey with me!

1.) Have you detailed out your specific goals for 31.3 Jump? Be sure to join others on the message board with that info!

2.) It’s time for our FIRST CHECK-IN! This is where it gets down and dirty. It’s easy for everyone to say they are a part of this process but you are now entering the hardest part—accountability. Join me on the message board with this info! Let’s do this together! (I understand that some of you joined us later in the week. Feel free to opt out or just do a partial check-in!)

3.) Be sure to print off your new WEEK 2 PRINTABLE!! Click on the link or image below. (3 pages this week)

31.3 Jump (Week 2)

I want you all to know I pray for you throughout the day!  Thank you for sharing your journey with me!