I have had a few week hiatus from Rock it. Work it. Love it!!! Good to be back!!

Rock it: Things you can wear, stuff with hair, fashion etc

Work it: Things you can cook, create, make or do!!

Love it: Articles, blogs, music etc that I love!


Rock it.

Dayspring has really branched out into some awesome lines! I could purchase almost anything in their bags/totes section and just last week, I did! They ran a 50% off lunch sale on this overnight bag and I grabbed it! Was spending a few days in the hospital with a friend, so this worked out perfectly. Got lots of compliments on it. I’m always needing a big bag to stuff things in!

Hmm. Now I need the matching cell case and wallet, don’t ya think?! Maybe for Christmas!! 🙂

Work it.

I know we aren’t wearing scarves right now (at least in NE Ohio!) but what a great idea to implement! Attach a towel bar to your door and hang your scarves on it! My scarves are thrown all over the place in my room/closet so what an improvement! Love it! (Update: Just showed this to my hubby. He had an extra towel bar, took it and within 10 minutes had it installed! Guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon?!)

Love it.

As I was reflecting on our nation’s independence this week, this song was brought to mind. The lines that kept rolling in my head were,

“Break our hearts, Oh God
Break our hearts
For the sin, in our lives, break our hearts
For the sin, in our land, break our hearts
We cry out, we need Your help
Come back to our land”

I believe that we sugarcoat so much in our lives and that we don’t see sin for what is truly is! I wonder if we saw sin how God sees it, that  we would go on living our lives as we often do? I know that for myself I need to be reminded how grave our sin is and how Holy our God is. This was a good challenge and reminder for me this week!

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