In an effort for full disclosure (and to confirm that I am indeed, just like you!) I am going to share a personal story that I struggled with last week.

3 Things You Can Learn From My Nutty Bar Binge |

The fall themed marketing was hitting me hard at the grocery store and for once, I looked twice at that Little Debbie display. I rarely purchase prepackaged treats, so I thought I’d get a gold medal from the hubs and son when I came home with something from adorable Debbie. As I was perusing the shelves I came across  a box of these babies…

Ooh. They are probably the one thing on those shelves I would have wanted, but I resisted. How awesome of me, right?

But beside my beloved fall brownies were boxes of these….

Playing the safe side, I chose them, after all, both my husband and son would enjoy this rare treat.  Following my own rule of “don’t keep the enemy (and by enemy, I mean foods you shouldn’t have but could gorge on if allowed) in the house”, I threw them in the cart. I don’t even like Nutty Bars.

Self-Control: 1 Food Craving: 0

So I get the Nutty Bars home. Not even tempted to open them and chow down. The next day, my kids wanted a snack, so I opened the package and gave them one bar each. I decided to take a bite out of one to try it out. After all, it’s just a bite and I don’t really like these.

Oh wait. Maybe I do?

So then I had to take a bite out of the other bar. It’s only fair, right?

So as they are chowing down, my brain is going into overdrive. “I really want one. Just one bar. Just one. Not two. It won’t kill you. It does have peanut butter in it and you did workout today.”

So I indulge.

It went down so fast. Then one bar became two.

And then Tuesday became Wednesday and Wednesday became Thursday. Finally, I shipped up the rest to my hubby at work. I had to get them out! I succumbed to the Nutty Bars!! (cue music)

Self Control: 0 Food Craving: 3

So why do I tell you this? Well, it’s a learning experience for me and hopefully one for you.


1.) The flesh is rarely satisfied…especially with sugar.

I thought that I could stop myself after one bar. I thought I could stop myself after one day. But I couldn’t. Willpower will only take you so far until you eventually break. Sugar is the biggest culprit for never leaving us satisfied! Each of us has to decide if taking that bite is worth it. Some of you have better self-control than others. It’s specific person to person.

2.) Don’t be surprised when something comes from outta left field and hits you.

I intentionally bought the Nutty Bars because I thought I’d do well with them. I did choose them over my first love, right?  It’s a good reminder that we should primarily fill our fridges with things that are good for us. When a moment of weakness hits, you may just reach for that one thing that you swore you’d never have.

3.) Eat like junk. Perform like junk.

I am not gonna lie. My workouts those days were BLAH. I felt really tired and “heavy”. Which is totally disappointing because I like to kill it when I hit the gym. I’m sure part of the “blah” was the disappointment in myself. It’s one thing to do that one day, but it’s another to repeat it, for two days.


We are rounding the corner to Halloween which means candy, candy and more candy. (especially if you have kids and even if you don’t buy it for them!) It’s a good time for us to evaluate our plan of attack.

~ Should we indulge at all?

~ What’s our limit?

~ Are there foods worth cheating for?

~ What’s our plan to get us back on when we get off track?

Finally, I’d like to make the connection with junk and our flesh with our spiritual lives. Is there any junk that you intake spiritually that is leaving you with the same after effects as the physical junk? Is there anything that might fly out of left field that could knock you down? Are you noticing that your “spiritual performance” is a bit sluggish and “blah”? If so, then think through some of the things you are consuming.

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who succumbed to the Nutty Bars!! 🙂