Here’s a post that has nothing to do with fitness! (Do I hear shouts of “Hurray!”? LOL!) Over the years, my husband and I have had fun creating unique costumes that we’ve made on our own. I do not consider myself crafty so if I can do this, so can you! So whether you need a costume for Halloween, a Harvest party, or just fun, maybe you can find some inspiriation below!

6 Fun DIY Halloween Costumes! :

1.) The Flintstones.

My husband and I were Fred and Wilma. My friend, Leslie, and her husband were Barney and Betty. I don’t think we did any sewing with these, but just cut and used lots of glue! (And yes, I did spray my hair orange and it all came out that night!)

2.) Shaggy and Velma (Scooby Doo)

I found most of these clothes at the thrift store! We both wore a wig. We had to cut my husband’s up a bit to get it to match Shaggy’s hair. I also popped out the lenses of a pair of glasses I found from the dollar tree! (My husband looks a little rough..and mean!)

3.) Basketball, ref and basketball player!

So the next year, I was pregnant with my first child. My husband took halloween paint and painted my belly. (Yes, that’s my bare belly. Sorry if this freaks you out) And then he went as a basketball player!

4.) Dash (from the “Incredibles”)

My son got into the Incredibles when he was 4, so this was a perfect option for him.

A few notes about this costume:

– I used 2 pair of black adult socks. One pair as his arm sleeves (Cut off the ends and wore gloves) and the other pair that went over top of his shoes that made them look like boots. I put some duct tape on the bottom to rough it up a bit because a sock on the ground was a little slippery!

– We enlarged and printed off “The Incredibles” logo from the internet and then traced and colored them on felt.

– We used a larger pair of boys boxer brief underwear for his shorts so that they stayed closer to his body.

5.) The Berenstain Bears

This was our costume last year and probably my favorite option because it involved our whole family. There’s a little backstory to this too. Besides the fact that we love them, we kind of mimic them. We’ve always called our kids Brother Bear and Sister Bear and have referred to my husband and I as mama and daddy bear. It was fun to walk around like this. My husband was a good sport! I got all of the clothing (except hubby’s overalls) at Goodwill!

A few notes about this costume:

– I took a $1 silly top hat from Target and wrapped it with felt and glued it to make Papa Bear’s hat

– My hat was a shower cap wrapped with fabric. I stuffed paper towels in between those layers to make it puff up more, then cut and glued circles on it.

Here is the comparison!

6.) “Chip” the teapot

This was actually for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. My son mentioned he wanted to be Chip, so my mom whipped this up!

Here’s the “how to”!


I hope you enjoy these! We certainly have had our fun with them over the past 7 years!