I know there are some of you who are interested in resources–maybe some new ideas or a fresh place to motivate you! I totally understand that and honestly, I believe it’s key to keeping in this health journey long-term. You’ve got to change things up, both physically and mentally!

Here are some of my favorite resources that you may want to check out in the challenge. If you are looking for a new workout program, way of eating, or just general health knowledge, then these are some of the best of the best. I am also going to include some of my favorite spiritual podcasts. They are listed in no specific order and by no means is exhaustive! I could probably add to this all day but wanted to keep it reasonably short as to not overwhelm.

*Not every resource mentioned below would be considered “christian” or faith-based but for the most part are “safe for the family.”


Moms into Fitness

Revelation Wellness (+ RevWell TV)

Refit Revolution

Amber Dodzweit

Michelle Dozois Fitness

BeyondFit Mom


Nutrition/Eating Plans:

“Clare, *gasp*, you have paleo, keto, clean eating and low sugar eating plans listed!? Isn’t ____ way of eating bad?” The reality is, there are a million different ways to cut the nutrition puzzle. There is no right or wrong way of eating—just what works for you in a long-term manner! So yes- play around with some different things! I have been this year and it’s been a great change for me!

Dashing Dish


JJ Virgin


Healthful Pursuit: Balanced Keto Eating



(type name in your podcast or stitcher app!)

I listen to podcasts all.the.time. I do it while meal prepping, an evening walk, or in the car. It is FREE learning and encouragement of the heart!

Conversations with John & Lisa Bevere

Havilah Cunnington

Revelation Wellness

The Village Church

High Intensity Health Radio with Mike Mutzel

Balanced Bites

Chrystal Evans Hurst


Who would you add to my list? Please leave a comment below with their website or name!