Maybe “sneak in” isn’t the right phrase to use, but sometimes that’s what I feel like I’m doing as I do some of the tips I have listed below! Scripture memorization is very important in our lives and part of the “Living and Active” challenge is to memorize one new verse (while maintaining the rest!)

Some of you have written in about having struggles with memorizing. Let me say this, it definitely requires effort on your part. You have to pull up the scripture and practice it. It doesn’t come through osmosis or good wishes. It is a discipline, so “sneaking in” may be a bit of a misnomer. You’ve got to be intentional!

Here are 8 ways that work for me when I’m memorizing scripture!

1.) Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I like to put scripture on cute little cards and then place them on the most used mirrors in our house which are the 2 bathroom mirrors and the one leaving our house. It’s easy to get used to them being there after a week or so, so it will still require you to be intentional about reading and reciting them, but having them at your fingertips when you wash your hands, brush your teeth or check the mirror really does help! We even recite them during nighttime rituals when getting kids ready for bed, which brings me to my next way…

2.) Kids!

We often try and say them together. I will start a verse and then they will try to end it or vice versa. I will say it in the middle of running errands or doing laundry etc. We also do it while we are brushing their teeth at night. It’s amazing how incorporating them really helps solidify the verse for you, plus they are getting God’s Word in their hearts at a young age! (We also use motions!)

3.) Tag-along

Here is a picture of my husband’s verse packet and the plastic envelope he puts them in. It is loaded with cards and he reviews the old ones and adds new. He’s been doing it for almost 3 years so you can imagine how much he has tucked away in his heart! He takes them with him in the car, or at work. I keep mine in my purse, so that really helps me. He brings this with him and goes over and over them when he’s in the car, before bed, and in the morning.

4.) Before, during or after a workout

Now that I have you exercising a few times a week, this is a perfect time to insert your scripture! You can do it on your warm up, or during some ab-work or stretching! If you are on a walk, put your earphones in and turn on your Bible app which leads me to……

5.) Listen to it

If you have a smartphone and have the Bible app downloaded, then pull up the passage or verse and choose to listen to it. This works great especially if you are an auditory learner!

6.) Use it in a conversation

Being able to practically use these verses in every day life really sets it firmly in our mind and heart. Have a conversation with someone this week (your spouse, kids, friend etc) about this verse. You probably won’t have it memorized yet but that’s ok! Pull out your Bible or Bible app  (I have to do this all the time) and say it to them and what God is teaching you about it. It will encourage not just your heart, but also the person who is hearing it!

7.) Do a quiet time on the verse

Spend 5-10 minutes a couple days a week on the verse, meditating on what it means to you. Read around the scripture passage to read it in context, then journal about it!

8.) Phone lock screen

I bet many of you do this already with scripture or motivational/inspirational quotes, but it really works! Go on pinterest  and find an image with the verse (or create your own!) and set it to your lock screen. I know you look at your phone all day! There are also apps which may help! (Try “Remember ME”!)


I always want you to remember the reason WHY we are working on this discipline. God’s Word is living and active. (Hebrews 4:12) It has the power to penetrate every single area and phase of your life. It is the only OFFENSIVE weapon in our spiritual armor. (The SWORD: Ephesians 6:17) We fight the war of sin,which seeks to destroy us, with it. (Psalm 119:11) It gives us practical information on how to live a life of godliness. (2 Timothy 3:16) Perhaps the most important part is that it shows us the character of God. It reveals to us who God is and allows us to turn our affections toward Him instead of ourselves or our problem.

Ultimately you need to take a tip from Nike and just do it! What tips do you have for memorization