I’ve decided that I want to break some preconceived ideas about me in regards to health and fitness. I want to show you that I am just like you, I just happen to have a certification in fitness and a passion for sharing it with others. I’ve heard these 7 misconceptions multiple times in my life so I’m here to shatter those into tiny pieces!!

Misconception #1: I always want to exercise

Negative. I don’t always want to exercise. There are plenty of other things in my life that I also enjoy (or need to do). Exercising ends up being a pain to fit in some days.

Misconception #2: I only eat wheatgrass and carrots

…or something really healthy like that! My real life friends know this is false! I’m all about moderation. I gauge how I eat and what I eat dependent on what my activity level has been for the week and what special events are going on in my life. You might be surprised at what you see in my cabinets. 🙂

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Misconception #3: I grew up in an active, thin family

I have been the one most consistent with exercise in my family. I didn’t grow up in a family who did afternoon hikes (My hubby did!) or family races together. I have had to fight genetics to keep my body thin.

Misconception #4: I’ve never struggled with being overweight

BIG misconception! I gained 20 pounds in my early 20’s. Granted 20 pounds is *only* 20 pounds to some of you, but to me, it was a lot. I talk of how I got it off in my story here. It was a 3 year process, but I’ve been able to keep my current weight for 7 years.

Misconception #5: I’ve never struggled with self-image

Being in the fitness industry is tricky. While I have the desire and resources to exercise there’s an expectation for us as instructors. There is no doubt a pressure to look a certain way because after all, we are aerobics instructors! I play the comparison game just like anyone else. I have to stay grounded every day.

Misconception #6:  I exercise 7 days a week

I don’t even wish I could exercise 7 days a week. I have much more in my life than that! My goal is 4 days minimum. A good week I have 5 days and a bad week I have 3. This may change once my kids move to an easier phase of life (which means, I’d exercise a day more or so!) but at this point, I’m happy with what I have. It works for me!

Misconception #7: I never struggle with balancing it all

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I’m a wife. I’m a mom of 2 small kids. I teach classes. I have a blog. I do everything that you do. I struggle with everything you do. It is a daily challenge for me to keep things in check. The balance gets out of whack often and I have to work hard to keep in line!


So there you go. 7 myths about a fitblogger busted!! Is there anything else you want to know about me? Do people have misconceptions about you? What are they and what do you do to break those misconceptions?