It’s our mid-week update and week 3 of the {31.3 Jump}! Please be sure to check in online with how you did last week!


Oh, I’ve got a special surprise for you today, ladies!!! I know that for many of you, reality has set in. It’s week 3 and you’ve given up—or you are about to. Changing old habits is really hard to do. The goals you came into the challenge with are proving to be obstacles. You are finding yourself back again to where you always get–on the sidelines, defeated.

I want to come alongside you today and root you on!! I understand that this is hard!! We need one another to keep this up. So today, I asked a very inspirational person to give us some thoughts on how she keeps going.

Candace Cameron Bure is just like us (minus the acting gig!)–a busy mama, wife and friend. She wrote,“Reshaping It All” and it seriously is one of the best books about physical and spiritual fitness. I’ve got good news! You have a chance to win a copy of it!! Find out how at the end of the interview!

So let’s get to it!


♦ Candace, why do you exercise?
I exercise because it makes me feel better. I’ve realized over the past year how cranky I can get when days go by without any exercise. It de-stresses me and relaxes my hormones. I’m sure there’s  a scientific explanation / chemical release of some sort for it… but I know I need to sweat it out at least a few days a week to feel balanced within my body. My goals this year are to become leaner and more toned. I’ve maintained my healthy weight for years now although there’s always up to  5 pounds I play with. For once in my life, I’d like to look sculpted and actually see the muscles in my arms, legs and stomach.
♦ What is your biggest obstacle?
Food. I love to eat and although I love eating healthy foods and keep a well balanced diet, I have a killer sweet tooth. Like most of us, 4 o’clock comes and I crave a sweet snack. And after dinner I’m at my worst.
♦ What is your biggest motivator?
Being on camera!! When I’m working on a show or have a photo shoot coming up, my self-control kicks in high gear. There’s nothing like an “event” to keep you focused. I guess that’s why when I’m not working, I can get lazy and overindulge in sweet treats. Really, it’s all about moderation. There isn’t anything I won’t or can’t eat, but it comes down to portion control. And having dessert 7 days a week isn’t moderation!
♦ What is your favorite post-workout snack?
Fruit smoothie or cottage cheese with fruit or black pepper on top.
♦ What do you tell yourself when you don’t want to hit the gym?
You know you’ll feel better!! Then, you can eat more!
♦ What do you tell yourself when you mess up either in eating or lack of exercise?
I’m not hard on myself when I mess up. It’s all about getting back on track for the next meal or next opportunity to work out. One or two days doesn’t ruin everything, so don’t fall into that false mindset. You need to retrain your mind into believing you can and will go on!
♦ Does your faith play a part in this and how so?
Absolutely! You can read more about that in my book “Reshaping It All”. If God is the center and focus of my life- that means He has priority over all aspects of it. I need to keep my body and health accountable to Him. Praying about my food intake and fitness helps me know I’m not fighting a battle on my own.
♦ What kind of encouragement could you provide to the participants of the {31.3 Jump} especially for those who have fallen off track already?

Girl- who cares if you’ve  been off track for a day or a week. Get back on the wagon- or maybe I should say treadmill! We’re all in this together. We have lots of opportunities to encourage one another and you’re never alone. Get a friend to be accountable with on your journey, even if that friend is online. If you’re silent, you’ll fall back into your old ways. Speak up, share your thoughts, share your goals and starting doing it!! With God on your side, you can all things through Christ. And that means lose that extra weight, get in shape or achieve whatever fitness goals you may have!


Thank you so much, Candace!!

Now it’s your chance to win a copy of “Reshaping It All”. Leave a comment below telling me why you are sticking this out until the end of the challenge! If you are just joining this challenge, let me know what is going to keep you going when “the going gets tough”!

The giveaway will end Friday, January 20th at 10pm EST!

(And don’t forget to check out Candace’s new online magazine, Roomag! I’m a senior co-editor there and the contributors there rock!)