Hey all! Today’s post is letting you into a little bit of my life. My daughter, Lila, turns 4 this week and we had her “Mulan” inspired party this weekend. (Last year she had a “Belle” inspired party!) For the record–my son gets parties like this too, I just never get a chance to get them into a post because his birthday is at a crazy time of year! (December 31st)

A "Mulan" inspired party! | peak313.com


♦ BBQ Pork Sandwiches (hot dogs for the kids)

Macaroni & Cheese (last year I did my healthy one, this year I went “Comfy”!)

Broccoli Salad

♦ Salsa/Hummus/Homemade Guacamole

♦ Tortilla/Pretzels/Veggies

♦ Strawberries & Dip

♦ Veggie Sushi Rolls (# fail. Will discuss later)

♦ Sushi Krispies

♦ A Mulan Cake!

(I would’ve loved a party with Asian themed food but I don’t have enough confidence in cooking it and didn’t want to order it in!!)


A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.com

We dipped fortune cookies in pink chocolate and then dipped in sprinkles. Added a nice twist to the normal cardboard taste of a fortune cookie!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.com

Sushi Krispies! Make a pan of rice krispies, then break into circles and oval shapes. Take a fruit roll up, slice up and put around  and top with Swedish fish!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.com

These look great but we made them the night before and they were mushy and runny. Yuck.  I decided not to put them out, however, my mother in law and husband ate them and loved them! Recipe here.

A "Mulan" Inspired Party Cake | peak313.com

My mother in law always makes our birthday cakes and will do whatever theme I ask! This is what she came up with for Lila and I loved it! The inside of the cake was cherry and strawberry. YUM!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.com

Paper Lanterns, chinese fans, and chinese take out cartons were fun touches!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.comThe kids are ready for the cake!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.comMy awesome family!

A "Mulan" Inspired Party | peak313.comMommy and Mulan!

Mulan Party | peak313.comMy precious, energetic, full of life, little girl! What a blessing she is to us!