If there’s a time in my life where I’m most excited to be outside, it’s right now. The season is starting to change and it’s like God is beckoning us all to come out and enjoy His creation!

Knowing that winter will be at our doorstep in a few short months (and will it ever, says this Ohioan!) – I try to make the most of being outside as much as possible. I feel like I can store up “outside credits” to draw from when I’m stuck inside during the snow and cold. No? That’s not how it works? Bummer.

This time of year can also be difficult as many of us are transitioning into new seasons of life with school starting- activities in full motion, and football games, bonfires, and more, so here’s how I grab it in!

1) Family Day at the Farmer’s Market.

Our local markets start mid-June and last until mid-October. We try to grab up every Saturday morning that we can to enjoy fresh eggs, veggies, honey, and more! (There may be a homemade cinnamon roll and coffee in there too!) Our family loves to do this together and it’s something we all enjoy!

Farmer's Market with the Family : peak313.com

2.) Long(er) morning runs

I tell new runners that the best time to start running is not at the beginning of the summer, but instead the late summer/early fall. The temperatures are perfect and you can’t beat the scenery! My best friend and I tend to log more miles during this time, whether we are training for a race or not! We often “celebrate” with a cup of coffee after and a nice chat. The simple pleasures in life!

Early Morning Long Runs (and coffee!) : peak313.com

3) Free- for- all Outdoor Family Fitness

My husband and kids enjoy bike rides–I, on the other hand, do not. I’d run the trail behind them any day–and sometimes we do just that! We pack up the bikes and I lace up my running shoes and out we go! They have fun turning around and lapping me, then we end the night with ice cream. (Everything equals out, right?) There are other times when we take the kids to the outdoor track at a college near us and let them play, while hubby and I do sprints or run laps. And if it’s just the kids and I, I try and do fun workouts like this swing set slimmer or the PUMPkin workout!

PUMPkin Power Workout (page 1 of 2) : peak313.com

I try to make the best of each environment, no matter where we are! (Do trampolines after dinner count?)

Family Jump on Trampoline : peak313.com

How do you enjoy spending these last days of summer as you prep for the fall? I would love to hear what you and your family do!

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