Well heyyyyyyy!!! I’m about 4 months later than I wanted to be on posting this video. Ooops!  There are times when I just chuck a routine if it’s taken too long to tape, but not this one! I love it! Many of you love the routine I created to “Alive” and you’ll be happy to know that this is another song by the folks who wrote that one, “Hillsong Young & Free”!

WAKE: Turn, drop, and shuffle! (Full Body Video!)  : peak313.com

Now, I wish I could actually cue you as I want during the video, but for the sake of you hearing the video, and you not getting annoyed with my same verbals cues, I don’t. But I try to denote things on the video so be sure you see those.

I also am thankful that ya’ll don’t care how low-budget I am because clearly, we are no professionals here. 🙂 I posted this on instagram after we got done shooting. Thank goodness for Hannah who hangs with me through all this craziness!

Behind the Scenes of "Wake" : peak313.com

And insider scoop–you see that thing in my hand? Thats a jam wireless speaker and we blast the song through that while Hannah holds my iPhone and tapes. I know–the amount of skill and technology here is jaw-dropping. 🙂 (Wearing my Love > Fear bracelet from Revelation Wellness!)

Behind the Scenes of "Wake" : peak313.com


“Alive” is definitely a good heart-pumper and I use it to warm-up, or just to work some cardio in throughout my weight lifting. “Wake” (gotta love the one word titles) is definitely more intense as we are turning and up and down on the ground. I wear a heart rate monitor and my heart rate gets up there pretty high in the anaerobic zone each time I do it. So why am I telling you this? You may not want to do it as a warm-up (although some of you workout beasts out there may choose to do so!) but instead, pop it in mid-routine. I have this song on my shuffle so when it comes on in a workout, I just drop the weights or whatever I’m doing and do it. Yeah–you might get some looks, but whatever. If you aren’t getting a few here and there in you workouts then you aren’t working hard enough! (PREACH!)

Here are my cues I want you to keep in mind!

1) I put modifications as notes on the video so be sure to read them. Of course, you may need to modify more, but those should get you started

2) We are basically taking the same few moves and repeating them through 3 times. I want you to increase the energy and intensity as you progress through each round!

3) Group Fitness Instructors: You may notice this since your eye is tuned to this kind of thing, but I kept the lead on the same foot the whole time. Feel free to switch up the lead however you want to if you want to change it a bit!

4) Sing the song! Yes–when we are scooping the arms around and out the lyrics are:

“You wake within me, wake within me.
You’re in my heart forever.”

I loved adding the arms to this because I felt like we were literally “scooping” this idea into our hearts! Yes, Lord, you wake within me!

Alright! It’s time to get your “WAKE” on!! (Click here if you can’t view the video!)