Here’s an AWESOME, difficult abdominal exercise!


(Instruction below the picture)

Start with the ball and legs and arms as seen in the photo above.

Take the ball with your hands and move the arms and legs away from each other. Arms will go beside the head, legs will extend down towards the floor Don’t let your lower back arch too much. (You can keep your head on the floor or raise it slightly.)

After you extend the arms and legs, bring them back to the center. “Grab” the ball with your legs.

Drop the ball towards the floor while it’s in your legs. (Again, don’t let the lower back arch too much.) You don’t need to drop the ball too far to the floor. Your arms can stay on the floor (as seen in the picture) or you can raise them over your head. Don’t hold your breath! Repeat!

Do 2 sets of 10 passes!

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