You guys. Something is up because this is 2 videos in 2 weeks!! It’s very hard for me to actually do exercise stuff anymore on the blog (ironic, since I am exercising all the time), but it just takes much more for me to get it done and usually it’s the thing that gets shuffled last on the list of things! Maybe one of these days God will have more videos in store for me. 🙂 HOWEVER–I could NOT wait any longer to get this video done! I am in love with this song and when I’m in love with songs I do 2 things:

1) play it incessantly

2) create workouts for it (it’s a curse!)

So as I’ve been doing my hair and making dinner, I’ve been putting together actions for this song!  My poor kids have heard this song on repeat–good thing it’s so awesome! (Link to song here  : “Alive”:Hillsong Young & Free)

Also, I had to laugh after I watched the video. First off, I am so low-budget, people. This is taken on my iPhone with virtually no editing. Ha. Sorry–(Go to Revelation Wellness for awesome christian workout videos!) And secondly, I felt much cooler when I was jamming to this but realized I look a little silly during it! Kind of like this? HA!


Thanks to my girl, Hannah, who always answers my last minute texts when I need a video or pic taken. Love my college pilates girls! (I pay her in free workouts, coffee, and relationship advice!)

Clare and Hannah

Hannah and I getting our workout on!


It’s not a full workout video, so just insert it somewhere in your regular routine. (Group exercise instructors, this should work fairly well for you!) The other way to use this is to jam it at home while you are cooking, cleaning, getting ready etc and bust a move. This song has a way of making you move so why not burn some extra calories here and there?

Alive! Praise Pumps & Punches Video : (using the song "Alive" from Hillsong)

Like the last video I did, the first video is the whole one without me talking. The second one is showing the modifications. I am not making a printable because you don’t really need one! Rock out and worship to this song because it’s in HIM that we are Alive and FREE! (You’ll see that I have my eyes closed and am singing throughout the video!)

If you can’t see video, click here.

If you can’t see the video, click here.