*When choosing a weight for dumbbells, choose something which will be challenging as you are at the end of your repetitions. For many women, 3 or 5 pound weights are a great start. Some may be able to advance to 8 or 10 pounds.

Rear Press & Lift -(works rear shoulders and triceps)  Stand with a dumbbell* in each hand. Turn your wrists so they face behind you. Push your arms back simultaneously then bring them back to starting position. Now bend your elbows as you lift them up simultaneously then lower them. That is 1 repetition. Be sure to keep your upper body still and your hips pressed forward. Repeat this combination for a total of 10 times. Do this for 2 sets.

Pulsing Biceps-(works biceps) Stand with a dumbbell* in each hand. Anchor your elbows to your hips while your wrists are turned facing the ceiling. Pull arms up to a 90 degree angle. Pulse your arms up and down simultaneously 3 times, then bring them down for a count of 1. Repeat. Do this for 10 repetitions and 2 sets.  CHALLENGE: On the second set, turn your hands so that your thumbs are facing each other and continue on as previously noted.

Balanced Lat Row-(works back, shoulders and legs) Stand with a dumbbell* in each hand, thumbs facing to the top. Hinge forward slightly while keeping your naval to your spine providing support for your lower back. Do not lock your knees. Bend at the elbows and lift both arms up simultaneously. Keep your elbows high and pretend you are trying to keep an envelope in both armpits. Lower down and repeat. Do 10 times for 2 sets. CHALLENGE: Stand on one leg while lifting up keeping the other leg either slightly to the floor or raised in the air. Be sure to switch legs!!

Figure 8 Shoulders- (works shoulder, chest and core) Stand with a dumbbell* in both hands. Start by lifting your right hand straight in front of you and dip it down to your left hip. Raise it directly up from your left hip, then bring it down to your right hip (starting place). (Pretend you are doing a “Figure 8” with your arm) Do not lock elbows and keep your hips stationary. Repeat 10 times on right side then do the left side. Do 2 sets.

Traveling Push-Up– (works chest, back, triceps and core) Get on all 4’s. Keep your hands a little wider than shoulder width apart and keep your neck long and gaze ahead. Now place your left hand directly in front of you while moving your right hand to the right and down some. (Maintain a wider than shoulder width distance) Do a push-up down then up. Now take your right hand and place it directly in front of you while moving your left hand to the left and down. (Maintaining correct distance between the two hands) Repeat the push-up. Alternate the “traveling” push-up right and left. Do 2 sets of  8 reps (each side)