Many of you have seen and done my 31:17 Arm Workout, so I thought it was time to match a lower body workout!

Proverbs 31:17 tells us that our arms need to be strong for the task. Isaiah 52:7 tells us how beautiful are the feet that bring GOOD NEWS! We need strong legs to bring the good news to others, so let’s get to it!

Pair this up with the 31:17 arm workout, or do them on alternating days for a great full body workout!

Click here to get the printable!

52:7 Lower Body Workout:

Here are the basic exercises in the printable:

1.) Curtsy Lunge

Grab 2 weights as you stand with legs hip width apart. Take your right leg and “curtsy” behind the left leg. (Imagine curtsying to the king) Step back to starting position. Reverse to the other side by stepping your left leg behind the left. Repeat. Make sure that you don’t lean forward as you do this and that the front knee stays forward and doesn’t move side to side.

2.) Single Leg Lunge/Deadlift

Take 2 weights and stand near a bench or a step. Take one leg and place it behind you on top of the bench/step. Make sure the other leg is far enough out to support you. Lunge down and then come back up. Repeat. Do all reps of lunges and then move onto the deadlift. DEADLIFT: With legs in same position bend forward from the hips as you reach the weights to the floor, then slowly draw yourself back up.You should feel this primarily in the hamstrings. Repeat. Once you are finished with all your deadlift reps, switch legs!

3.) Rear Lunge Kick

Step backward into a lunge while holding a weight in both hands. As you come up to starting position, kick in the air (with control!) and then go immediately back into the rear lunge. Repeat all reps on one side, then reverse legs!

4.) Inner Thigh Lift

Take an exercise ball and find an open wall. Place the ball under your hips and keep one hand on the floor. Put both feet up on the wall straight beside you. KEEP THE HIPS STACKED. Turn the heels together in a “V” position and drop the bottom leg to the floor. (The moving leg does NOT touch the wall)

Bring the bottom leg back up to the top leg WHILE MAINTAINING the “V” position. As you lift your leg, focus on PRESSING the inner thigh up to the ceiling. Repeat the drop and lift. Keep your abdominals tight and your arms strong to keep you balanced. ADVANCED: Add some pulsing at the “top” of the move. Count to 8 while quickly pulsing your leg up.You can add the pulsing at the end of the first or second set of 15 reps.

5.) Ham Curl

Take the aerobics ball and go to the floor. Straighten the legs and place both heels on the ball. Curl the ball in towards your body and then extend it back out. Repeat. Be sure to not let the lower back/body “sag” as you do this!

6.) BONUS: Jump Squat

Stand with legs hip width apart. Squat down deep and then explode up into the air. Hands can stay to your side or raise. Repeat. Be sure to get some POWER with each squat which means you have to get deep (as opposed to a more shallow, fast squat)