I love planks!! (Just ask my pilates class!) I’m sure many of you have done a side plank before, but here is a twist on it. You can do this outdoors while your children are playing, in your living room near your stairs, or even at the gym on a step! It’s a little more challenging, so if you aren’t able to accomplish this, then just take it to the floor and even do this on your forearm (otherwise known as a “side elbow plank”). And YES…I’m wearing my running skirt!


(Instruction below the picture)

Find a step and adjust your legs one on top of the other. The arm on the floor is below your shoulder. Place the other hand on your hip. Try to keep your hips lifted and core tight. Hold this position for 8 seconds. Relax and repeat!

To make it a little harder, do the same as above but lift the top hand towards the sky. Think of the chest open and lifted!

Want more challenge? Tip your torso towards the floor. Think of hiking your hips up toward the sky. Come back up to starting position and repeat.

AND…if those weren’t tough enough, then try this! Lift up the top leg and hold!

Do 3-5 holds of 8-12 seconds! (or as long as you can hold!) Be sure to switch sides!

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