As a runner, I’m always curious how other runners fuel. It’s about as varied as the music you listen to or even the clothes you wear, but I think you can glean something from everyone. I’m in no means an expert in this area, so you don’t necessarily want to mimic what I do! It’s honestly a lot of trial and error!

I don’t fuel DURING a run unless I’m going for 60 minutes or longer. I will carry water with me in the summer if we are gone longer than 45 minutes. I really like this for my longer runs. My running partner, Leslie, wears a water belt and she finds that very comfortable too!

Before I Run:

I have a banana and a half a piece of toast/bagel thin with a small amount of peanut butter. I also drink some water.  We can’t forget the medications! I do pre-medicate with some Advil before my run because my knees can ache a bit during the run and after. (There are some studies that show you shouldn’t do this, but I haven’t had any problems doing it…yet!)

During My Run:

Last year was when I ran my first half-marathon. I came upon this brand of energy chews and Leslie and I really liked them, Honey Stinger.

They have been our go-to fuel until I tried the Clif Shot-Bloks a few months ago. I really enjoy both, but have been on a Clif Shot-Blok kick.

(Leslie stays with the honey stingers) The Stingers are smaller and easier to get down, but both taste great and do the job.

After My Run:

You would think that I’d be starving after a run. There are times when I am, but a lot of times, I’m just ready for my cup of coffee! Then about 20 minutes later, I’m ready to fuel again! I try to replenish with a mix of carbs and protein. (Eggs and pancakes. Peanut Butter and Waffles. Bacon and eggs. Etc) I also push down more water (and more coffee!) Sometimes about an hour or two after the run, I’ll have a small cup of chocolate milk.

There you go! A little glimpse into fueling!

What do you fuel with during a run?