As we sit here today, March 17th, 2020, we have a lot of unknowns. Access to many of what we would consider necessities are now what we see as luxury. Our stop by the coffee place for a latte. A leisurely stroll at Target. Attending our favorite fitness class. We are all being told to stay inside. Adjust all that you know as normal and wait.

The natural thing would be to forgo any type of health disciplines, after all, its impossible to workout at home with kids around, lack of equipment, and motivation! However, we know that anxiety and depression is heightened with lack of movement. That an increase in emotional eating will make us feel worse.

I want to encourage you to make some daily hits to stay in the ballgame. Sure- it may not be what you were doing even a week ago, but they do matter! I promise! I took to video to share a few things on my heart so check it out.

Click here if you can’t see video:

I would like to give you some links to various free workouts I have on my website. Also don’t forget to use youtube! (My channel with workouts are here) There are so many great ones there. Just plug in the search button what type of workout you want i.e. cardio, dance fitness, pilates, HIIT, tabata, weights, etc and you will find a number of them.

JUMP ROPE Bodyweight Circuit

“EVERYDAY” Household Item Workout


Deck of Cards Workout

Don’t forget about apps like Nike Training Club, Downdog, and Sworkit.

My friends at Revelation Wellness, REFIT Rev, and Moms into Fitness are also amazing resources. Many of their workouts are free and/or streaming!

Hang in there, friends! Do what you can to stay healthy and active and we will get through this on the other side stronger for it.