Hey all! It’s my birthday and I wanted to give YOU a present! What says love better than a kick butt workout, right? 🙂

Many of you have emailed me saying that you have a treadmill, but are tired of just running on it. You want to add some pizazz to your current routine but don’t know where to start. Here is a great option for you!

The workout goes like this! I take you through a hill interval during the cardio section, then giving you an active rest with some full body weight moves! We’ll end the workout with some unique ab exercises! There are 4 total rounds. (Props to my girl, Ann G, for taping me!)

Here are a few things for you to keep in mind!

1.) Once the treadmill starts, never stop it unless you complete the workout! Use the clock on it to guide you through your workout

2.) Take caution dismounting the treadmill! It’s still moving and I don’t want you to injure yourself!

3.) To make it harder: Increase the amount of weights you are using. (Consider having 2 sets beside you) and Decrease the rest period (increase the work period)

4.) Rest whenever you need to! Take a few second breather, and then get back to it until that time segment is up! (If you need to rest during the cardio segment, just step off the side of the treadmill like this so you can keep it running)

5.) Adjust the workout how your time allows! If you can only do 20 minutes, then just do 3 rounds. If you want to do 40 minutes, add another block!

Watch this video first before doing the routine!

(Click here if you can’t see the video!)


Print off your 2 page printable (pdf) and keep it with you! Here are the documents separately as jpgs!

Here are detailed instructions of each exercise!

1.) Squat with Overhead Press

Take 1 set of weights and squat down, holding the weights low, beside you. Squat deep into the heels. (Legs are hip width apart) Press up through the heels as you stand, then bring both arms up as you press the weights over your head. Repeat

2.) Burpee/Renegade Row/Bicep Curl

With a weight in each hand, jump down to the ground and shoot the legs behind you.

Row your right up and then your left arm.

Shoot your legs in and stand up. Once standing, do a bicep curl.

Keep the arms close to the body as you row up and down. Imagine you have an envelope in the armpit that you have to keep there!

MODIFICATION: Do the rows on your knees instead of on your toes.

3.) Step-Up with Tricep Press

Grab both weights and go near your treadmill. Step up on the side of it while holding weights to your side.

Once you are at the top, press the arms back, leading with the wrists pushing towards the ceiling. Step down and repeat on the other leg.

From behind.

4.) Plank Walk

Be very careful with these next set of exercises! The speed should be very low, and incline at 0 or .5! Rest when you need!

Start with both hands on the side of the treadmill.

Begin “walking” with your hands. Keep the hips square to the floor. No rocking and rolling! The further up you reach, the harder this will be. Also, be certain not to buckle in the lower back. Keep nice and tight in the abs!

5.) Bear Crawl

Start the same way as the plank walk, but instead of using your straight arms, go to your forearms! Reach higher and higher to make it harder! MODIFICATION: Plank Walk

6.) Push-Up with Alternating Reptile

Place your hands on the side of the treadmill. Do a push-up.

When you come back up, bring the left knee up towards the left arm as you crunch down with your upper body. Upper body and lower body meet in the middle! Return to starting position, and then do it again on the right side. Go back to the push-up and repeat! MODIFICATION: Do the push up on your knees.

Thanks for sharing my birthday with me! If you like my blog, and/or this workout, would you mind sharing it or my site, with your friends? Thank you!!