This is sort of a fun post because it involves new workout clothes…..and who doesn’t love that?! With the fall season upon us, it’s good to take a look at your workout wear–and what better place to do that than at Target®! I got 3 new items that I am just loving and will get a lot of use out of over the next few months and would love to share them with you!


A good pair of pants goes a long way and while I typically don’t love wearing full-length tights for my every-day workouts, I do love them for my outside runs on chilly Ohio mornings AND for my every-day life as a MOM! So check out these adorable ones with a fantastic print on them. FUN! I wore them Saturday to work a local 5K and got tons of compliments on them. They kept me warm and were beyond comfy! (C9 by Champion® Women’s Legging Leopard in BLACK: Retail $27.99)

Leopard Print Running Tights :

Leopard Print Running Tights :

You know one thing I hardly ever buy myself in the workout department? Socks. I’ve been wearing the same 6 pairs for 3 years and I am way over-due for some new ones! However, I’ve found that I’m a little picky about them. I don’t like ones that are too thin, or too thick, or too tall (picky, much?) but I’m happy to say that I found these premium socks from the Target® C9 line that are PERFECT! (C9 by Champion® Women’s Running Low Cushion Cut Socks 2-Pack – Black Retail: $8.99)

Premium Running Socks :

Premium Running Socks and Leopard Print Running Tights:

To round out my shopping haul, I got a cute new headband! It’s been more difficult for me to pull off headbands since I got my shorter haircut, but I just loved the color and material of this one! Plus you can wear it wide, or kind of scrunch it to make it smaller. Plus–also doubles as a cute hair accessory as I act as mom all day. Win-win! (C9 by Champion® Thin Headband – Purple Retail: $6.99)

Light Purple Comfy Headband :

Clare in purple headband :


Target® is always my go-to spot for my activewear. The things there are always mom-friendly, versatile (workout wear/every -day life), accessible, and always a great price point! (If I don’t like the price, I just wait a few more weeks!) Do you ever feel the need to add some new pieces to your workout wear collection? If so, where do you like to shop? (Check out some of these other style hauls!)

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.