Hey! I’m a terrible blogger. There I said it. However, I can kill Facebook and instagram because it’s so much easier for me! I want to start sharing more of those things over here for those of you who don’t have accounts there or for those of you who didn’t see them thanks to FB’s terrible reach nowadays. 🙁

I like posting some of my meals because I hope it gives you some inspiration with your meals! I love following other people to get ideas because it can be so easy to get in a food rut! Here is a low-carb “pizza” I made on Monday night that my whole family loved!

Hawaiian Pizza Stuffed Pepper : peak313.com

I also want to share this image that I post up on Facebook a couple times a year. I found it from the Eat-Clean website and I think it is really helpful for those times when you are experiencing sugar cravings!

How to Battle a Sugar Craving and Win! (Graphic) :peak313.com

Finally, I had the chance to attend a leadership seminar on Wednesday with some folks from my church where Rory Vaden and John Maxwell spoke. I LOVE John’s books (his book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential” is one of my favorites!) and to finally listen to him was so inspiring! (I had never heard of Rory, but REALLY appreciated his message too!) Another cool thing–I got to meet John! He signed his new book, “Good leaders ask great questions”. Can’t wait to dive into it!

photo-124 photo-123 photo-125

I’ll be back in a couple days with week 4 of our challenge, new check-in, and *fingers crossed* a new cardio routine! Have a great weekend!