Taking a quick break from the “Living and Active” challenge to let you know about an awesome new ministry and site that launched this week from my friend Janelle! (You might know her from Comfy in the Kitchen!) She is currently in her second year at Malone University obtaining a M.A. in Clinical Counseling. She has a deep love for Christ, meal ministry, and for helping the hurting.

You don’t need to go far to know that people are hurting, but we know that God can redeem that hurt and use the brokeness for His glory. Sharing our struggles–at the appropriate times–is a ministry in itself, and this site will be sharing some of those stories


I am so excited about this ministry because it’s made up of licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Christian Life Coaches, Business Owners, Published Authors, Professional Speakers, Professional Bloggers, Bible Study Leaders, Pastor’s Wives, Moms, and Wives…. Each of us come to life with a different perspective. It’s so important to know that and to see how God uses those perspectives.

Overcomer Outreach


Janelle writes:

Many of us have been through some of the trials you may be bearing, which is why 2 Corinthians 1:4 is a verse we continue to cling to when we think of why we’re here. Don’t, for one second think, “this is a group of perfect Christians”, because there is no such thing. We are Christians because we believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ , humbled and fully knowing we need a Savior.
Many of us have been right there in your shoes…believe it or not.

Yes, your shoes…

We pray to speak to the woman who have had an abortion, affairs, drug addiction (you fill in the blank) and our prayer is to use God’s word and truth to give her freedom. We pray for her to finally be released from bondage, from the lies she tells herself, and from the condemnation of the enemy that she is not worthy to go forward in her walk with the Lord and in her ministry.
We pray to speak to the oppressed, ill, victimized, tormented, abused, and bullied…we want to share God’s truth and love with you… and encourage you. We want to walk beside you to let you know…

You will get through this…


You can find Overcomer Outreach on the following social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest

Because we believe there is healing in the words “me too”, our authors have joyfully set up Facebook forums for individual struggles, these groups are *closed, meaning people can see that you are a part of the group, however they cannot see the conversations unless they are in the group. We welcome you with open arms to the following groups.

Please click here to find a list and link to all the Facebook groups!

Overcomer Outreach Team

Together – let’s overcome by the blood of the lamb! (Revelation 12:11)


Oh friends, I hope you check out this website! I know beyond a doubt that where you have a place to say “me too”, you’ll also have a place of healing. Thankful that God is working through this group of women!