This is a great full body workout. It’s a twist on the typical plank and lat row.


(Instruction below the picture)

Grab a 3 or 5 pound weight. Get on the floor on all fours. Grab your weight and pop up to your toes. Legs are in a wide stance.  Arms are wider than shoulder-width apart. Head is relaxed.  Take the arm with the weight and punch it under the other standing arm. (as seen above) Modification: Stay on the knees instead of the toes.

After you punch, bring the arm up to a lat row. Imagine you have an envelope in the armpit…you want to keep it there. The other picture demonstrates the incorrect way of bringing up the arm. Squeeze the arm and back as you bring it to this position. Repeat the move, doing all reps on one arm, then switch arms

Do 2-3 sets of 8 punches on each arm.

This is just another view of the move on the other arm.


After you punch under the arm, instead of stopping at the chest, open wide towards the ceiling and twist!