No “New Move Monday” today. Instead I decided to give you another glimpse into my workout routine. I’m not sure if you wonder exactly what I do to exercise or not, but I know that I’m always curious what other people do for theirs! My workouts are different EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Because I love playing around with different exercises and equipment, I have a HUGE list of exercises to use! I usually keep a similar routine for about 2 weeks, then change it up.

So here you go. A down and dirty snapshot of today!

(Special props to my friend Bekah, who came in towards the end of my workout and snapped some pics of me!)


I love to work in circuits. It just helps me when I can group exercises together. Today was an upper body focused day.I also end each circuit with a plyometric move. This really elevates my heart rate and keeps me in an anaerobic state. (Fat burning) I am breathless and burning the whole time through!!

Warm-Up: 10 minutes on recumbent bike at a moderate speed

Main Workout:

3 sets done of each exercise in each circuit. I choose weights that make it very heavy to lift towards the last 1-2 reps. (10-15 lb weights.) Reps range anywhere from 8-15 depending on what I’m doing.

Circuit 1:

♦ Burpee/Push-Up/Renegade Row Combo (Currently, my fav exercise. See pictures)

♦ One legged bent-over reverse lat row (Similar to exercise linked here)

♦ PLYO: Prison Jump Squats

Circuit 2

♦ Around the world (medicine ball) with plie squat

♦ Reverse grip tricep pull-down on cable machine

♦ PLYO: Flat-Belly Burpee (aka. Crossfit burpee)

Circuit 3:

♦ Laying Bicep Curls (laying on aerobics ball)

Narrow Chest Press to a Chest Fly (laying on aerobics ball)

♦ PLYO: Hops (holding aerobics ball in air)


♦ Alternating Oblique Knee to Chest (Leg Raise Machine)

Ab Scissors



So what did you do today for exercise? Spill it!