I have written before about how taking 30 minutes at the beginning of your week can save you time, money and pounds throughout the week. But there are some of you who either:

a.) Don’t have the time to take to prepare fresh foods and snacks, or

b.) Have zero interest in doing it.

So for those of you who fall into those categories, have no fear. I’ve got a good solution for you…Pre-Washed/Cut/Sorted, Grab & Go Foods!

For this convenience, you will pay more money, however, you may need to weigh out the extra $1-$3 to the potential fall-back in your health advances because you don’t have healthy food at your fingertips.

Remember, each of these items you can get cheaper in their “whole” form, but if you aren’t taking the time to prepare them, then they are a waste! (And if you are grabbing an unhealthy snack, then you really are backtracking!)


1.) Bag o Hard-Boiled Eggs:

One of my top grab and go snacks! If you are having problems taking 20 min each week to boil up a dozen, this may be your way to go. (Here is a recipe for Salsa Eggs To Go!)

2.) Steamfresh Veggies:

Pop them in the microwave and you’ve got veggies and rice in a snap. Much better than making the rice on the stovetop separately and chopping of veggies.

3.) Travel Packs of Nut Butter:

I love these when I’m on the go. I grab an apple or banana and eat it with it. (Sometimes it’s just the packet of nut butter!)

4.) 100 calorie packs of Nuts:

These are another great grab and go and perfect to keep in the car for those emergency snack times! (I have these in my purse and car at all times!)

5.) Pre-cut and washed bags of veggies:

These are found in your produce section and while they are more expensive than buying the individual veggies yourself and washing/cutting/dividing them, they are worth it if it helps you get in your veggies for the day! (These make it very easy to pump up your salads, too!)

6.) Frozen Oatmeal:

Perfect for the morning. I prefer buying it plain, then adding in your own stuff.


What are some grab and go foods that you justify spending a little more money on because it helps you stay on the path of healthy eating? Is it time to adjust your thinking and maybe spend a little more money in a few areas to help you attain your weight loss goal?