Climb the Rope – Extend both legs into the air while laying on your back. Lift your upper body and reach up as if you are climbing a rope. “Grab it” with the right hand, then the left hand. That is 1 rep. Do 2-3 sets of 8-15.  CHALLENGE: Reach higher and higher as if the rope is being pulled up from the sky. MODIFICATION: Bend legs while reaching right and left

Lying Side Lift – Lay on your left side. Put your left hand straight out in front of you and place your right hand behind your head. Your legs are stacked straight right on top of the other. Make sure not to break this position by falling forward or backward. Lift your right leg at the same time as you bend your torso toward your leg. Lower your leg and head to starting position and repeat. Do 8-12 reps on that side, then lay on your right side and repeat. Do a total of 2 sets on each side

Plank – Get on all 4’s. Extend your legs straight behind you to where you are holding on your toes. Straighten your arms out and keep them shoulder-width apart. Keep your bottom in line with your spine. (do not over or under compensate by lifting or lowering too much) Draw your naval into your spine. Keep your gaze ahead. (Do not “crank” on your neck) Breathe and hold the position for 5 sec. Relax to knees. Repeat adding 1 second each time, working your way up to 10 sec. MODIFICATION: Go to your knees and forearms

Lower Ab Tap – While laying on your back, lift both legs up into “chair pose”. Keep both hands flat on the ground. Slowly tap the right foot down while keeping the left leg still. Draw leg back to starting position and then slowly tap the left foot down. That is 1 rep.  Be sure to keep no space between your lower back and the floor by drawing your naval down to your spine. Do 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps. CHALLENGE: Keep your legs further away from your body and tap your heel down instead of your toe.  MODIFICATION: Put both hands behind your head to support your neck and bring your legs in closer to your chest.

Upper Back Extension – Lay on your tummy. Put hands behind the head.   Keep the tops of the feet to the floor while your upper body lifts slightly. Drop back down and repeat. Do 5-8 reps with a total of 2 sets.