What would a fitness website be without practical fitness advice?

First things first. Get MOVING!!

How’s this for a simple equation?

Desire to lose weight + Lack of Activity = Unattained Goal

Who wants to start a fresh new year sluggish and sedentary? This may sound so elementary but it’s an ESSENTIAL to weight loss and a life of zest and health. God has not created us to sit all day long…he gave us 2 feet and 2 arms!! We need to move.(30 minutes, 5 days per week)

Newbies: Aim for moving a total of 15 minutes 3 days (out of 7) this week.  You can walk, jog, do aerobics, swim or even use the Wii! (to name a few) Get your feet wet and find out what kind of ways you enjoy working out.

Intermediate: You have 2 options this week. You can add a new type of cardio to your workout or you can add-on 10 minutes to your cardio session for any or all of your workout days.

Advanced: Pump it up. Include high intensity bursts in the middle of your cardio. Do them in a 5 minute/2 minute ratio. ( 5 minutes of a steady heartrate then 2 minutes of sprinting or “bursting” to where you are really breathing hard. Repeat)

This week, I’m going in between intermediate and advanced. Yesterday I added on 10 minutes to my elliptical routine. Today, I’ll be adding sprint bursts into my treadmill workout!

Talk to me! What is your favorite thing to do to move?